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Aug 11, 2012
New York
I have a few questions on weed (the questions branch off from weed)

1) How much does weed sell for nowadays? There's isn't really a market for it (no benefits, other than health which you can get easily) so do people even buy it?

2) What is a good ratio for the light of a weed plant? I'm trying to get optimal results and I have put my lights to pot ratio as 1:3 (so for every 3 pots, 1 light).

3) Can you over-water plants?

4) Do weed plants grow if you're offline? Do they grow even when you're not near it?

5) On average, how long does it take for the growth meter to max out for the weed plants?

6) If I /movein someone, can they harvest or help water my weed?

7) Is there a limit to how much weed I can carry on me?

8) How much furniture can I put down as a level 1 donator?

9) At the MAX growth of the weed plants (all hydrated, growth full, light full), how many grams of weed can I expect

10/11) Do I win RCRP if I get 1,000,000 grams of weed? Will I get a vehicle like the one below?

Not open for further replies.