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Gang Rules [Last Updated: 27th of January 2018]

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Gang Rules

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Definition of a 'Gang War'If factions have attacked each other in the space of a couple of days, or if both members of a faction agree that they are at war, then they can be considered at war. One faction repeatedly attacking another does not constitute a war unless there is clear retaliation. Factions should be warned that repeatedly attacking a faction without reason and without being engaged in a war is classed as DM.

Definition of a 'Gang Attack'A gang attack is defined as players attempting to injure or kill members of rival factions in the name of their own faction. A gang attack may also consist of the attempted destruction or damage of a faction's assets, such as their hangout, businesses or vehicles. Any sort of harm that comes to faction members as a result of being within a rival faction's 'turf' is not classed as an attack. Here are some examples:

Gang A and Gang B are engaged in a gang war. Gang A decide to drive to Gang B's hangout and gun down as many of their members as possible. This counts as a gang attack.

Gang A is angry that Gang B are selling drugs on their turf. They decide to confront one of the drug sellers and beat him up. This is not a gang attack, as the seller was on Gang A's turf.

Gang A performs a drive by attack on Gang B. They then park up and proceed to attack on foot. This would count as one attack. If Gang A fled the area before returning, it would count as two attacks, and thus break rule 2.

Rule 1
A maximum of three gang attacks may be performed in a 24 hour period.

It is deemed unrealistic to attack another faction more than three times a day, due to the amount of heat that would be amassed from carrying out an attack. It is the responsibility of factions to ensure they keep track of the number of attacks they have performed.

Rule 2
Factions must wait an hour between gang attacks

For the same reason as above, it would be unrealistic to attack a faction more than once in such a short amount of time.

Rule 3
If killed in a gang attack, you may not return to the scene

Factions must wait until an attack has ended until players killed in the attack may return to the scene. This counts as revenge killing.

Rule 4
You may not wait (camp) at a rival faction's HQ with the intent of attacking them.

Waiting at another factions headquarters or spawnpoint with the intent of attacking or kidnapping them is unfair, and thus not allowed.

Rule 5
You may not leave the game to avoid notoriety or retaliation after partaking in an attack.

Leaving after attacking another gang to avoid arrest or retaliation is unfair on the gang you attacked. A minimum of 20 minutes must be spent in game after taking part in a gang attack.
This doesn't apply if you died in an attack
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