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Forum moderator.

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Retired Admin
Jan 22, 2010
Basically, if you're a forum moderator for a specific section on our forums and you cannot sticky/announce/delete, etc. topics I'm going to have to ask you to post a ticket system request if you're interested in those kind of options. Simple it is, example you're a moderator for SAN News, but you can't do things I stated above, you'll make a ticket system request and I'll fix that for you.

Link for the ticket system: http://redcountyrp.com/help/

Note: If I find out that you're not a mod of any section on the forums, but yet you posted a requst to become one even if you're not related to that current faction / gang or whatever you'll be banned from the forums.

I will move this topic to Announcements and Server informations after three days of being in OOC section.

Crazy Phil
RC:RP Head Administrator
Not open for further replies.