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Deleting an In-game character.

Lamar Davis

Jul 13, 2017

I wanted too see if there is any advice on how I can delete one of my characters? And no, I don't mean my whole Master Account, but just one character. Well, it went like this. I decided to create a character, but then I thought afterwards, I don't want that character and first of all, I used /assistance IG, then when that was over, I think the helper said I needed to do something on the forums and I didn't really understand what he/she was talking about. So then the next thing I thought was, why not go to the forums and post a topic in the help section about how to delete on of your characters, and well, here I am, questioning that same exact thing what I did with /assistance IG. So if possible, could any person give me advice on how I can delete on of my IG characters, and if it is something else, then what is needed to do?

Thank you for reading this.