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Darwinism RP


Jan 3, 2017

Darwinism RP is a method or approach to roleplay that I've been using and developing
over the time I've been playing here on RC:RP.
The concept is really simple, you write a backstory for your character, you pick a need for your character (An Objective), which can be: Power,Love,Respect,Recognition etc.

You pop up in RC somehow, or maybe you're even from the area. (Up to you).
You try to find a place to sleep, an income source, friends and/or connections.

BUT here's the twist:
If you die, you die. Every single death is a CK. (Except DM's, and glitches and that jazz).

So If you're lucky, you've managed to spread your seed by that time. Because the next time you CK, you can RP the offspring of this character.
What I'm trying to say is: Get laid, get her pregnant(Or yourself pregnant depending on your gender). So that you can RP the offspring, if not. You're back at zero bro, you have to make a new character and try again.

Why though?:​

First off, It's a lot of fun. But I can't say that this is "The way to play" or "This is how it should be done" But It's basically just a fun way of approaching RP, and It literally forces you to RP fear in any given situation, and it gives you the advantage of RPing different characters rather frequently. It also just gives you a general idea of
what Red County would be like If you happened to place a real person there.

How to do it.:​

You're walking in Monty Park, and someone says "Fuck you" and you happen to say "Fuck you" back. This guy then decides to draw a gun, or something in those terms. Without threatening you or anything he decides to shoot you in the chest once before sprinting off, and you fall down on the ground.

What we know from this is that you have chest wound, a lot of vital organs in that area, not exactly the best place to get shot. But It's still survivable, you have some odd's for survival. But lets make it real interesting, lets see what fate decides. You see there's this fancy command called /attempt. But use it wisely my friend.

You could... Lets say /attempt for the bullet to not strike your heart.
If this happens, you're pretty much not going to make it.
Or you could /attempt for the bullet to not go through the left lung
If this suceeds, then you try to see what happend to the right one.
Then there's /attempt to not bleed out.

It all depends on what order you decide to write these, and like life everything is odd based. So is Darwnism RP.

And If you age 1 year each week (Which is not fast judging by how fast things move on this server)
You at least have a more realistic range of events going on in your timeline.

If you're a hardcore Darwinsm RPer to a full "I really don't care" extent. You can also /destroycash before you've made a new character.

Doesn't this ruin everything character development is about?:​

Yes and no? Because If you survive for a long time you have a legit long term story
Of how you've managed to stay alive in such a rough and unpredictable environment.
If anything It would truly develop your character and who he is at that point. It would also make your character unique.

Things to remember:​

This approach is a way to put all pride and ego aside, we all get attached to characters
And I know that, CK used to be the hardest thing for me to do and It had to be "Special" and "unique".
But life's not like that, people die from weird stuff all the time. And Darwinism RP is a way to reflect that.

Just sit back, relax, have fun, do what you've always done. If he dies, you make a new character.
AND BESIDES you'll become a effin master at writing back stories which is a good quality to have and it stimulates your creativity, that's good! That's really nice!

This is not a tutorial, It's just an exciting approach.


Aug 29, 2016
I approve.
I RPed with him for a year and believe me this method is the best.


Jan 4, 2017
The idea is cool, but I don't think many people would do this, including myself.