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Clothing System

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Aug 17, 2014
Carlisle, England

Clothing System
Development OverviewFeature Name: Clothing System
Script Author: TommyB & Booth
Feature Version:

SummaryThe clothing system is inclusive of the basics - buying a skin, and also customizing your look through mask objects and saving said looks as interchangeable outfits.

Although custom skins have always been an option; the use of custom objects has been expanded upon gradually to include more objects and more features.

Core FeaturesAs mentioned above, the clothing system comprises of three main components.

Buying Your Initial Skin
Once you join the server, one of the first things you'll want to do is find a skin. You can do this by visiting one of the 12 clothing stores that are scattered around the county. These include:

• Montgomery Locals Only
• Locals Only Montgomery
• Little Lady (Palomino Creek)
• Blueberry Locals Only
• Dillimore Little Lady
• Fort Carson Clothes Shop
• Z.I.P (Fort Carson Mall)
• Las Payasadas Clothing Store
• Bayside Apparel
• Bayside PROLAPS
• Corner Clothes (Bayside)
• Angel Pine Clothes Shop


Once you are inside a clothes shop, you will see a blue t-shirt icon. This is where you go to buy both clothes and accessories using /buyclothes. Skins cost $50 and you can buy almost any.


You may have 4 different skins, and can switch between them using /changeclothes. Should you decide you do not want a skin, you may remove it using /drop clothes.

You can buy accessories in the same clothes stores listed above, also by using /buyclothes. Clothing objects are categorized so you can easily find what you want:


When you have purchased an item, you can use /clothing to edit and adjust the items. Once you click the item you would like to edit, you are given 8 different options.

The first option you'll want to use is Bone. This option allows you to select the bone on which you would like the accessory to be placed. In my case, I have purchased a pair of sunglasses so I will be using the bone Head.

Once you have selected the bone, you are going to want to see the item you will want to edit. To do this, simply use the Wear option. This will then allow you to Edit Placement. When editing the placement of your accessory you can amend the size, rotation and placement of the item by selecting one of these 3 options:


The following gif shows the use of these 3 options:

You can place a color over your object using Add Color (colors can be customized by using RGB values. The easiest converter is this site, but it is only a HEX to RGB one.) and in turn delete the color from your object using Remove Color. If you would like to remove the object from your accessories completely, use Delete. Using the Spawn With Item option will make it so the accessory spawns in with you, meaning you don't have to place it on each time you log in.

Creating an Outfit

Creating an outfit is incredibly easy and takes just two commands. /saveoutfit and /outfits.

When you have your accessories in place, you may like to create an outfit from them, meaning you can easily place all the items on at once. Doing this is simple; simply place the accessories on that you would like, and type /saveoutfit followed by the name of the outfit. For example /saveoutfit Daytime.


To switch between your outfits, use the /outfits command. This will give you 4 different options.

Wear Outfit places the accessories that are part of your outfit on your person; Delete Outfit deletes the outfit (but not the accessories involved!); Update Outfit will update the outfit to include the accessories you're wearing at that time; Take Off All Items will remove all accessories included in the outfit.

Related Commands
  • /buyclothes - Allows you to purchase either a skin or accessories.
  • /clothing - Allows you to edit and amend accessories.
  • /outfits - Allows you to view saved outfits.
  • /saveoutfit {outfit name} - Allows you to save an outfit.
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