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Business Employees

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Aug 30, 2016

Business Employees

Development OverviewFeature Name: Business Employees
Developer: TommyB
Documentation By: Toni
Feature Version: RCRP 3.4


In version RC-RP 3.4, the business managers have been replaced with business employees. This allows you to hire and fire employees and give them access to certain features of your business. From advertising, menu editing and more. This will allow you to hire different people and assign them different "tasks" depending on your business. If you just want someone to have access to open and advertise but not mess with your menus or actors, you can do that now with an easy to use dialog.

Core FeaturesThe two commands for accessing the new business employees system are /bizzemployees (or /businessemployees), used by the business owners and /myemployment for business employees to view their own permissions. Just like the old business managers system, you can be an employee in more than one business and each business owner can assign different permissions to you.

List of all permissions:

  • Full Permissions - Gives the employee all permissions on the list.
  • Manage Locks - Allows employees to lock/unlock, turn on/off lights and toggle /b usage in the business.
  • Advertising - Allows employees to use /badvert for your business.
  • Storage Access - Allows employees to use /bizzget, /bizzview and /bizzstore.
  • Menu Use - Allows employees to sell menu items to players.
  • Menu Editing - Allows employees to edit menu items.
  • Actor Editing - Allows employees to edit actors.
  • Business Openings - If your business can be marked as "openable", this will allow employees to toggle the business to that state.
  • Music DJ - Allows employees to use /bizzmusic.

Upon editing a permission, it will display YES if the employee has that permission or NO if they don't.

From the same menu (openable by using /businessemployees (or /bizzemployees) you can fire a business employee. You can also hire new ones.

If you are a business employee, you can use the command /myemployment to view your permissions for ALL business you are employed at. At the moment, you cannot terminate your employment within a business. You will need to ask a business owner.

Note: If you are currently a business manager, you will automatically become a business employee however you will not have any permissions, the business owner must modify that.

Related Commands
  • /businessemployees (/bizzemployees) - Business Owners: Access the business employee management menus that allow you to hire, fire and modify permissions for employees.
  • /myemployment - Business Employees: View all the businesses you are an employee at and view the permissions given to you by business owners.

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