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Banned then unbanned but server is saying full 247

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Nov 24, 2010
This is really pissing me off now i was banned for non rp running away from the cops on a bike, which i dont understand considering i was on a bike and i could go where i went and they couldnt but I AM ANNOYED, i was unbanned and now the server says Full EVERY time, thanks TJ, i actually dont like you


Retired Admin
Dec 22, 2010
First off it depends on what bike you were on, some bikes eg all of them except the sanchez are onroad bikes only, so no you cannot go whereever you want.

Secondly, perhaps the reason was an accident and was instead meant to say "non-rp evading" or "non-rp offroading".

Equally it could have been a mistake.

I agree though that as long as you had no priors you should not have been banned, admin jailed yes, banned no, but that is all in the past, please do put it behind you.

Now I offer you 2 pieces of advice:

1) There is this funky button on the top right of each of your posts saying edit, please try and make use of it to avoid triple posting like that above! Unless of course the topic has been ignored for a number of days and you wish to bump it for a good cause.

2) Please do not "hate" on admins, they have a very stressful job dealing with lots of people all over the server, some making complicated RP situations and then claiming something like MG or PG, and an admin has to come in an decipher the RP situation first before he can rule, then gets shouted and moaned at for taking too long. Then they have people who just can't RP, and people who have the tiniest of issues, some of which can be solved on /n.
What you need to understand that just saying "I hate [insert admins name here]" will get you no-where. TJ is a highly respected admin on the server and saying that you hate him will make you no friends! So please avoid this in future and see it from other peoples eyes.
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