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Banned because. because..? [America_Santos]

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Jun 9, 2011
So..hmm.. lol. This is.. kind of..funny?

Yesterday I found out about this server and I thought it was really cool that it was actually located in cities such as Red County and all. So I created an account,to play with my two other friends, who are actually online and as we we're not in the same city, someone who was apparently very kind and welcoming accepted to give me a ride to Blueberry wich is where my friends were waiting for me.

After that, I had to go for some business and RL, and logged off, but today when I was up to explore a little more the server and get to see if I can really have fun there with my friends, my "IP" was somehow banned from this server wich is pretty ironic because I played for like 10seconds and I don't even know how could anyone know of my existence but I guess it was a mistake..but not a misunderstood, how could it be If I didn't even have time to commit a crime LOOL.

Thanks for your time,nice to meet you all and hope you will help me in this one !:)

America Santos.

Not open for further replies.