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Audio Streams

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Aug 17, 2014
Carlisle, England

Audio Streams
Development OverviewFeature Name: Audio Streams
Script Author: TommyB & Booth
Feature Version:

SummaryOn RC:RP you have the ability to play music in your house, business, car and in the public through boomboxes. Although there are categorised default streams, you may also use your own custom streams. The system allows you to listen to your chosen music whilst in a variety of locations as stated above, also allowing others in the area to hear your music.

Core FeaturesThe RC:RP music system is probably one of the easiest and one that needs the least explanation. It allows you to play your choice of music in your vehicle, house or business and also allows you to buy either a large or small boombox.

Boomboxes can be purchased from Electronic Stores, listed below:

• Fort Carson Electronic Shop
• Montgomery Electronics Store
• Palomino Creek Electronic Shop
• Dillimore Electronic Supa Store
• Blueberry Electronics
• Bayside Electronics

A small boombox costs $7,500 with the large version costing $15,000.

The small boombox covers 15 "meters" and the large boombox covers 38 "meters" - to put that into perspective, please refer to the below image - I placed both boomboxes in the corner of the park and where I'm stood represents where you can no longer hear the stream.


Playing Music

Once you've typed either /carmusic, /bizzmusic, /housemusic or /boombox you'll get a pop-up with a list of categories from which you may select one of the many pre-set streams. This can be amended by reusing the command. It's important to note that /carmusic may only be used by the driver or front passenger of a vehicle.


One of the categories available is Custom. This option allows you to use your own audio stream, whether it's a single song or your own radio station. SA:MP supports .mp3, .m3u and .pls formats to name just a few. Simply paste your chosen link into the text box and your music will play. Below I've provided a few links for you to find online radio stations.

An alternate method is to upload .mp3 files to Uploadir. From here you can copy the URL as shown below and paste it into your game, allowing you to play single songs of your choice.

Turning Music Off
Turning music off is simple. Simply type /carmusic (or bizz, or house) stop. This will stop the stream for everyone.

Alternatively, you may use /togaudiostreams which will toggle everyone's music for you; although not for them.

Related Commands
  • /carmusic - Plays music in your vehicle (also works on motorbikes, boats, planes and helicopters)
  • /bizzmusic - Plays music in your business.
  • /housemusic - Plays music in your house.
  • /boombox - Places either your small or large boombox down, allowing you to play music through it.
  • /togaudiostreams - Toggles audio streams wherever you go, making it so you can't hear anyones music.
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