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Admin meeting [OLD]

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Apr 5, 2010
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Hello community.
Yesterday the administrator team of Red County Role Play had a meeting with them self considering these points:

  • Perm. banning people who are joining with NON RP names and or lowering the warning kicks. (Jed)
  • /vehfind, with the ability to buy a GPS tracker to locate your car RP'ly over coordinates (Kamensky, Raza)
  • Editing the "report" system, to something similar like the "assist" system. (kamensky)
  • Adding the prison. (kamensky)
  • A cmd to be able to refund in-game sort of like /punish: /refund [Firstname_Lastname] [Item]. (Kamensky)
  • Locking the "suggestion" board. (kamensky)
  • Adding a UCP and/or adding the RolePlay Test system to something like on other servers. (Several players suggested this, Raza)
  • If the suggestion above is accepted, maybe adding a new IG/Forum group called [NAME IDEAS PLEASE] (Raza)
  • New rank/custom IG rank system. (Raza)
  • Removing or editing the gang rules (Raza, Jed)
  • FBI getting de-scripted yes or no (Cruzito, Raza)
  • Promotions / Rewards for Veteran Administrators [Originally by Cruzito] (Jed)
  • SoA selling their weaponry.
  • Recommendation of new moderators
  • Criminal record should be deleted prior to a namechange (alot of people complained about this).
  • Organized unban appeal forum with a subforum for admin rank>admin
  • Try fixing the bug causing weapons to disappear when you log off, server GMXs or crashes
  • Ability to have more ranks for factions: /addrank [name] [number 8-10]
  • Simple faction control center as a GUI box for faction leaders
  • More admin ranks? Level 1 Admin, Level 2 Admin, Level 3 Admin, Lead Admin
  • /Acceptpm on/off for moderators/administrators
  • Faction job statuses
  • I would like the Automatic Speed Cameras to give a larger fine, maybe the more they get, the more is will charge them, it will make people RP Drive. Thats a fact.
  • Adding some type of warning system like /fine. Just show it shows up in the Police Database that we gave them a written warning for other Officers to see. /warning [ID] [Reason] so it can show up in the police MDC.
  • Ability to see the owners of the cars again, just for Moderators/Administrators/Lead Administrators
  • Privatizing the "Department" board of the SASP
  • Making the production of AK-47s more difficult.
  • Put brackets between text of all OOC chat cmds like /b to remind players it is -OOC-
  • No more free cars on the streets to make Cabbie Co active. Those vehicles can be rented for $1500/hour or just delete all free cars from the script.
  • No more scrapping vehicles to get materials. It is too easy and non-rp.
  • More animations for rp purposes?
  • Impound lot +impounder job
The colors mainly show the priority. We talked about these and several other points and came to this result:

  • [*]1 day date ban for people who are joining with a NON RP name.
    [*]/vehfind will be added. ((Need to buy a GPS tracker))
    [*]/report system stays like it is
    [*]Prison will be scripted but restricted to maximum 2 hours RP time, then they will be released.
    [*]UCP will be added soon, a new user group will be invented also.
    [*]Promotions/Demotions of Admins.
    Damian Anderson Lead Admin
    Justin Bishop Lead Admin
    Jazzy Townes Admin
    Jed Admin
    Mike/Mick Foley Admin
    [*]Custom IG Rank system will be added.
    [*]Extra fee for namechanges + criminal record deletation
    [*]Adding 500 materials to produce an AK-47
    [*]Free cars are staying
Some points we talked about are staying classified, as they are just related to be seen from the eyes
of a member of the administrative team. Things which were not mentioned in the list above, were declined.
Congratulations to the people who were promoted and have a nice day.
Lead Administrator Sm0kEy, Damian Anderson, Mike Torreto, Marcus Lopez.
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