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Admin Meeting [OLD]

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Jul 1, 2010
IG Name
Daniel Moritz
Admin Meeting 9th of October

Around 8pm GMT 0 an admin meeting was held at teamspeak where we discussed recent events, new rules and so on.
Here is a summary of what we agreed on, and that may or may not affect you;
  • The Consortium will have a week to become a better faction, now with Smokey as their new leader.
  • 135 Piru Blood got an official warning for the recent deathmatching they have caused.
  • The rule about robbing low levels are now done. Robbing players that's on level 1 or 2 are now against the rules.
  • The forum got 3 new administrators that will help Alec with forum namechanges, bans and more:
    Cruzito Canderias
  • We have gone through admin complaints.
  • 10 more questions will get added to the quiz to prevent noobs from registering.
  • Failing 5 times in the quiz will end up with an auto ban.
Not open for further replies.