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A New Era — Red County Roleplay Version 3.0 [SA-MP 0.3.DL]

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Dec 30, 2010
Texas, USA.
R5 released.

The 'view texture info' option now works with exterior furniture.
Removed the SPAS 12 (combat shotgun) from the server entirely.
Weapons will now sort by their appropriate ID in inventory menus.
The game clock will now save across server restarts, avoiding time rests after updates.
The helper chat has been removed.
Fixed a bug where /searchownedf didn't work at all.
Fixed a bug where furniture duplication wouldn't assign empty texture slots correctly, causing strange errors.
Fixed a bug where relogging while in jail would set jail timers to 1 minute.
Fixed a bug where setting texture colors didn't work correctly.
Fixed a bug where the weapon argument in /give didn't work as it should.
Fixed a bug where vehicle passengers could trick the gamemode into thinking NOS was active, causing it to deplete.
Fixed further bugs where vehicle occupant counts weren't calculated correctly under select circumstances, preventing proper respawning of fcars among other issues.
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