1. AmnesiaHaze

    How Modern Cartels and TO's operate in the U.S and Mexico

    I created this guide to help out some friends understand what they will be roleplaying better and I may update this guide on different rackets that modern cartel and TO's (trafficking organisations) partake in. Even though it's a free-for-all and anything goes state-side were illegal activity is...
  2. bonk

    [Guide] Money-up (Gambling)

    This guide is going to show you on how to play a game called "Money Up" that's primarily played in the UK but I wouldn't see why it's not realistic to play in the USA. What is it about? To play the game you need a coin and someone else with a coin, you must have a minimum of two people...
  3. 50p

    How to SUCCESSFULLY role-play a Biker

    How to SUCCESSFULLY role-play a Biker I have chosen to write this guide so that I may share my knowledge with others and to give all Motorcycle Club and potential Motorcycle Club role-players a full, head on guide on how to SUCCESSFULLY and most importantly, ACCURATELY role-play as a biker. In...