1. Acero

    [GUIDE] Portraying a Sureño | Barrio Evil 13

    ¡Buenas Dias! Welcome to the comprehensive guide on how to immerse yourself in the life of a Barrio Evil 13 gang member. This guide will delve deep into the portrayal of a Sureño gangbanger on the streets of Los Santos, providing insights into their operations, hierarchy, and relations with...
  2. Meyvikk

    Getting Started! (A Video Guide)

    So boys and girls, after much boredom and a surplus of time during the quiet hours I've decided to make a series of videos to help new players get started. Hopefully, they'll be coming out every week or two. But I'll say this now, everything in these videos is subject to change with server...
  3. dope sick

    How Modern Cartels and TO's operate in the U.S and Mexico

    I created this guide to help out some friends understand what they will be roleplaying better and I may update this guide on different rackets that modern cartel and TO's (trafficking organisations) partake in. Even though it's a free-for-all and anything goes state-side were illegal activity is...
  4. bonk

    [Guide] Money-up (Gambling)

    This guide is going to show you on how to play a game called "Money Up" that's primarily played in the UK but I wouldn't see why it's not realistic to play in the USA. What is it about? To play the game you need a coin and someone else with a coin, you must have a minimum of two people...
  5. 50p

    How to SUCCESSFULLY role-play a Biker

    How to SUCCESSFULLY role-play a Biker I have chosen to write this guide so that I may share my knowledge with others and to give all Motorcycle Club and potential Motorcycle Club role-players a full, head on guide on how to SUCCESSFULLY and most importantly, ACCURATELY role-play as a biker. In...