ban appeal

  1. martin

    Ban Appeal

    Hello, I was banned yesterday on 2020-04-08 21:16:11 and I would like to write there about why I think it was a mistake/false ban. I don't know, if I'm writing on the right place and I don't want to criticize your admins or something like that, but I'll write there how did this happen: Other...
  2. My Account Ban Is Invalid.

    I got banned from this server with the reason: "Ban Evading [earld] " by Cacksii. The ban date was at 2020-01-09 15:29:11. I only did "Non-RP jump off the cliff and Non-RP swimming" and I got admin jailed for that, but that's okay, but in the 5th minute of the admin jail I got banned from the...