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Your Favorite Illegal Unofficial Faction at the moment is...

Your Favorite Illegal Unofficial Faction at the Moment is...

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Oct 21, 2017
honorable mention: click
more factions have gotten their topics approved since @ruger's favorite illegal faction topic, so I've decided we note only the unofficial ones down + the new ones that popped in the meantime and see who the community likes best.
his faction topic's top 3 illegal factions were:
1. Las Venturas Mafia
2. Countryside Crackers
3. O Line Bounty Hunter Bloods

let's check on nowaday's unofficial factions and see what's up.
the poll will be closed in seven days after which everyone would have voted and we'd get the conclusion on which illegal factions does their job best.
my personal favorites, aside from Countryside Crackers, are Veljkovskaya, Jokers and Lost Souls 13. it is rare for me to give my feedback on gangs in general but Lost Souls really did it for me.
this thread is only here for informational purposes. (thought i'd mention this for the record :D)