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* You saw posters around the Red Country*

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.:: 402 Meters and back race at Old Airport! ::.

Meeting of the racers will be at Old Airport in Las Venturas,
Race starts at 12 Jan. 18:00 (GMT +1), Racers need to come 17:45 for singning in, Enter of the race is 1000 if you want to enter Best Looking Car Contest that's another 500 dollars.


402 Meters race and back 2 rounds
NO Raming or Hitting cars
In Best Looking Car Contest other racers will give votes to their favorite cars and who haves more votes is winner
Race is knockout type


Winners will get 5000 each


if it is ok fire brigade will be there in case of crashes, injurys etc.


*Rachel walks past a poster which catches her attention, she starts to read it*
*Once she finish, she says:*

"Quite familiar to the one we hosted, just more exspensive, and with a smaller price."

*Rachel shrugs, chuckling abit, before she walks on again*


.:: Old Airport Race ::.

WINNER: Mikhail Izmailov
BEST LOOKING CAR: Taras Meskovsky
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