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WIP | Keeping general immersion.


Oct 14, 2017
Hello, this is my first guide and i will be giving out some little tips on how to keep a general immersion and avoid OOC manners, whenever you want to make high quality screenshots or just get really involved in the roleplay. I hope that this will help out improving your RP and if you have any tips feel free to post them below.

1: Disable the OOC "popup" messages.
As you can see, RCRP has many "helper" texts on the chat and game to assist newcomers into the server, however, if you're already experienced those addons may bug you when it comes to screenshots and other businesses, that is why /tog commands can be used:
/toghpdisplay, /togpay (paycheck text will appear next time), /tognews (SAN Broadcasts), /togadverts, /nametags (optional since you may roleplay with duplicated skins), /toganimhelper, /togb, /togpm.

2: Corrections and manners to avoid going OOC.
Sometimes i see people using /b to correct small mistakes, when you could literally correct it IC, people stutter/slur words sometimes.
EG: Man says: That dude has no brian.
  Man says: Brain i meant, my bad.
Instead, when it comes to puntuaction there's no way to correct it unless you take your time and check what you wrote before sending the IC message, at worst scenario you can just hit the up arrow after clicking T and correcting your mistake.
EG: Man says: One two three
  Man says: One two three.

3: Going OOC with OOC toggled off.
Sometimes you really need to go OOC and it can happen that the user you are roleplaying with has /togb and /togpm, in that case, you can say something in IC with two )) brackets at the end to mark it as OOC, i personally use the same method but with /ame )) and then /clearchat, however, i suggest keeping PMs toggled on.

4: Put effort in your roleplay and have good grammar skills.
Maybe turn off /accent and don't overuse ', this is pretty self explanatory though.
Even though it is a game it doesn't mean it should be taken lightly.
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Dec 4, 2015
This guide is just what most people need out here. Should be stickied.