[WIP] How to roleplay an hispanic gangster

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Apr 14, 2010
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This is a guide for people that wanted to roleplay a hispanic gangster, but never actually tried it because they failed at the slang/didn't know how to roleplay one.

We'll start with the slang.

I. How to use the slang​
1. Use the slang as much as you can, you can replace a s to z, for example "ese biggz" instead of "Ese biggs"
Or add a ' instead of a letter in the end of a word, but you have to remember not to use it too much, and the words needs to make sense.
2. If you're roleplaying an modern hispanic gangster, then use black slang aswell.

II. Simple words and their meanings.​

If you roleplay a modern gangster, don't use lots of the Chale ese 'nd shit.

Hola, Hol', 'Ola, Buenas - It just simply means Hey.
Example - Ola,'omie - que es?'

Adiós, Adió', 'Diós - Bye
Example - Adiós, vato's.

'Gracias, Gracia', 'Racias- Thanks.
Example - Gracias, chica

Ese, esey - It just means friend, now here somekind of interesting thing - Sureno sets say ese, and Norteno sets say ene, florencia says efe, if you didn't get it yet why, S is the first letter of Sureno, N is the first letter of Noteno, and F is the first letter of Florencia. Watch out for that, because you might get beat up if you say ene while hanging out with a sureno.
Example - Que hora es, ese

Perdone, Perdon', 'Erdone - Excuse me.
Example - Perdone, vato.

Si - Yes.
Example - Si, vato.

Nó - No
Example - Nó se.

Bien, Bie', 'Ien - Bien means something like "Alright".
Example- Bien, bien

Grande, 'Rande, Grand' - It just means Big. You can use Grande for great too.
Example - Grande low-low, oww.

Que, Qu' - What
Example - Que es?

C├â┬│mo, C├â┬│m', ├âÔÇ£mo - It just means How.
Example - Cómo esta?

III. What gang members usually say
Ey, wsup/sup' holmes/vato/ese? - What's up?
What's banging? - Same thing as above
What's poppin'? - Same thing as above, but this is more like for crips and bloods.

Ey! Vato, watcha! Fuckin busters are crussin down our calles - Busters pretty much mean nortenos/florencia/any other enemy gang, do 'Ey! Vato, watcha! Fuckin nortenos are driving down our streets" or something similiar.

Look at this fools, vato!

Ey, homie. Check this shit out. Some punk ass bitch is slippin rocks in our varrio! - Slippin rocks = selling drugs

Gimme dat fusca, dawg! - Fusca = Gun

Ey', this bitches from [Instert a gang hood here, a mixed one, for example if it'd be ganton, you would say Gayton not ganton.] was crussin' on our calles. They lookin' for fuckin beef with us, ese - Ey, this bitch from Gayberry was chillin/driving down our streets. They lookin for fuckin beef with us, ese !

Homie, ese'y in this block, dat's wsup!

Some other words
Fusca - Gun
Beef - war with other gang
Vato - homie,friend.
Slippin rocks - selling drugs
Calles/Calle - street/streets
Firme - awesome
Asesino - Killer
Buster - idiot, punk.
Homie/Homeboy - ... I don't think I need to give a meaning for that, do I.
Jura - police, "dogs."
Le├àÔÇ×o - moonshine, weed.
187 - California's police code for a murder
Perro - homie that's loyal like a dog.

IV. Nicknames

Here, I'll give you some good ones - Remember, you can add "ese" or "lil" before it, and it'll be even better.
Example: Lil dreamer, or ese dreamer.

Shaggy, Shady, Dusty, Tec, Mac 10, Crook, Sleepy, Perro, Trigger, Locote, Grumpy, Spanky, Homeboy, Dreamer, Maldito, Huero, Sancho

V. Tagging
I've noticed some people do a big kickass picture, a piece of art - no no, that's not what tagging is.
Tagging is a quick spray here and spray there, marking the territory as ours.
Another stupid thing is tagging another gang's hood - DO NOT DO THAT, IRL you would get beat up to death, or shot at if you would even enter an enemy gang's hood wearing enemy colors.

VI. How to act
Alright, if someone aims a gun at you.. roleplay fear, beg for mercy, even a real soldier would be scared shitless when he would have a gun aimed at him.

If someone starts insulting you.. DON'T pull out a gun and kill him, if you're high ranked get a few outsiders to beat the shit out of him, if not - just do it yourself, only pull out a gun if it's REALLY needed

To be continued..
Jan 9, 2011
PaxxxTeam SuxxxxNice Guide, but I don't think Ill join a Hispanic gang any sooner
Feb 11, 2010
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Very nice guide. You should also add a tip to not add the word "tu" as often with sentences in English. It just doesn't sound as right as it does if you were to say a word in Spanish after it. For example:

Tu going to da' barrio? That sounds alright, but a bit awkward indeed.

Y tu eres?

Tu tienes cuetes? Now that sounds a bit better, in my opinion as it sounds like it would roll off smoothly. Just a tip I'm giving here I'm not trying to force anyone here to do all that, I'm just suggesting :)
Apr 14, 2010
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I actually find the 'Tu REALLY stupid, unless you use it like Tu tienes cuentes, yeah - I never use the 'Tu, only la onda does that.
Aug 9, 2011
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Wow, thanks.Very nice guide, I'm Xavi. (you told me to read that ) and I'm very glad to see that here is a guide to help me get up from my Hispanic character.

(My english is ... , I'm sorry.)
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