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Wheel arch angels (unoffical) [Update 9/2 - 2010]

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Jan 8, 2010
Acorn field

The year was in 1990 and at that time there was a young and talented racer named Rasmus McLovin, He loved to race and raced on tracks all over Red County. He was a part of the The Transfender racing crew. But one day he sabotages another racers car, and it ended in an tragic accident that coast the other racers life. So Rasmus got banned from the tracks for a life time. After that he started to use his Hotringer on the roads of Red Country. He did a lot of illegal street racing and make troubles for the police. After some weeks he got busted by the Red Country Sheriff Department and needed to sit in jail for a long time.
When he was relesed he moved over to Bone County and did buy a trailer from the trailer park in El Quebrados. There he met two guys in a bar and they started to talk over some beers and they found out that they all had the same passion for racing. So they started a gang called Wheel Arch Angels in gas station few miles outside El Quebrados. On the days they are fixing cars and motorcycles but when the night falls they take their Hotringers for a spin.

├óÔé¼┬ó No random killing.
├óÔé¼┬ó No IC / OOC Mixing
├óÔé¼┬ó Never kill another member
├óÔé¼┬ó Allways respect a fellow member
├óÔé¼┬ó Don\'t complain about someone on OOC chat, settle it in PM or use /report
├óÔé¼┬ó Allways respect the admins

1) Rookie
2) Fellow rider
3) Driver
4) Leader
5) Founders

How old are you:
Phone Number:

What is your current character level:
RP Experience:
Why you wanna join this gang?:
How many hours you play every day:

Multi-Accounter? Name your accounts:

Have you ever been banned, if so why were you banned:
What time zone are you in:
Why do you want to join?
What country are you in:

Rasmus McLovin = Founder
Erik Norell = Driver
Patrik Johansson = Driver
Erik Eriksson = Driver
Chuck Bartowski = Driver
Homer_Simpson = Driver

All the skins can be used by all the members

Skin ID 60

Skin ID 170

Skin ID 250


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Jan 6, 2010
I'm supporting it, you obviously put effort into it and you're not a fucktard. ((I hope))


You also double posted.....

Good app, Support it. Just PLEASE transparent backgrounds or make them look interesting
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