Welcome to Red County [Newbie Guide]

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Jan 6, 2010
Welcome to Red County Roleplay
Newbie Guide

Hey, if you've just joined Red County roleplay, then you're probably pretty confused on what to do next. Basically this will help you get the simple beginner things out of the way, and just work your way up on the server.

First of all, you register a name. Please make it roleplay-ish. Like John_Smith. Don't make it Holy_Shit, or Holy_Shitolio, or Holy_Guocomoli. If you do, you'll just get kicked. Anyways, after you've registered, enter your birthdate, and choose your spawn location. There are a few trailer parks scattered throughout Red County, so pick any one of them. After you spawn, you'll probably be wanting to change out of that nooby skin.
Go to your local "Locals Only" store and find you a skin that fits your character.
The stores look like this.

Easy to spot. Go in the store and type /buyclothes. This will then kill you, don't worry, it won't effect you in anyway, and you'll just move on to selecting the skin.

There are a whole lot of choices. In fact, the every skin is in there for you to choose. (Except for cops, medics, and firefighters of course).

After you have your skin, click spawn, now you'll be in that skin, and are ready to go to the next step.
(Also note, if you type /clothes, it brings up your clothes. You can /changeclothes anytime if you go back later and buy different clothes. And if there's some you don't want anymore then /drop clothes [id].

Making money
Now after this, you're probably focused on making money. There's plenty of ways to do that.
First of all, the server has three side jobs. Street sweeping, trucking, and sprunk delivery.You can also fish to, to make some extra pocket change. The side jobs are easy to do, I'll explain them.

This job requires you to go to the Trucking LTD located in Blueberry. Simply enter a truck and type /truck to start the job. You will then go through your route, get your trailer, deliver it, then return back to get your payment. There are three different methods of routes. Short, medium, and long. The longer the route, the more you get payed.

Street Sweeping:
A very simple job. Go to the place in Palamino creek, next to the gas station with a few street sweepers aligned next to a building. Enter one of them and type /sweep. You will then have to go through the checkpoints, until you reach back to where you started. Once you've finished you'll get your payment.

Sprunk delivery.
Probably the middle job when it comes to difficulty. You enter a green delivery truck in montgomery at the sprunk factory. You will drive through each checkpoint at each town, delivering sprunk. Once you've finished all checkpoints in all towns, it will tell you to go back to the factory to receive your payment.

That's all of the side jobs. After you've completed the jobs so many times, your job skill in that field will level up, therefor making you more money when you do the job.
(also refer to a better guide on this found here: http://redcountyrp.darkbb.com/guides-help-f2/red-county-side-jobs-t34.htm)

There's also fishing. You need a fishing license, a pole, and some bait. All of this can be bought at the Palamino Creek Pier at the small house. Go to the pier, or on a boat and /fish. After you've recieved all of the fish you can carry, go back to the house and /sellfish.

Another job you can do would be the bus driver. You do /drivebus in a bus and you drive to each stop. This job can be found right behind the Trucking LTD in Blueberry.

There are also straight up jobs you can get. Like mechanic, arms dealer, or drug dealer. Each of these jobs have a set of commands that you can view in /help. However you can't obtain one of these jobs until you've reached level two.

The last and hardest way to make money would be through paychecks that you get every :30 or :00 on the clock. You look at your check number and /signcheck [checknumber]. You will get some money, and recieve some respect. Respect can be used to level up.

Leveling up
After you've obtained enough money from doing sidejobs, you can finally level up to do more things. Like getting an official job, joining a faction, buying a house or car. Maybe even a business. To get to level two, you need $10,000 and about 10 respect. You can get your repsect through paychecks.

Use the simple command, /buylevel. Now that you're level two, go ahead and get a job you think you'd do best with.

Owning property

You can't buy a car until you're level three through the dealerships, but it's well worth it. With only a few cars out there in Red County you can just take for yourself, and most of them being scrapped for materials, you'll need your own transport.

You can purchase cars at different places in Dillimore, and another in Montgomery. In Dillimore there is a normal car dealership called Mick Motors, and a bike store. You can buy cars by doing /viewcars, and buy motorcycles or bikes by doing /viewbikes.
There is also the Executive Motors in Montgomery behind the taxi garage. Also do /viewcars there. It has very expensive and sports cars. You must be level 3 to own a car.

You can also buy houses. There are various houses all throughout red county that you can purchase for yourself. If you find one you can afford then do a simple /buyhouse at the property. At your house you can do /housetake /houseview and /houseget. To store, see, and get things in your house.

There are also some businesses you can buy in Red County. They can give a a determinied payout at each paycheck that adds on to your money you recieve. A good way to make money if you can afford one.

Joining your first faction

There are two types of factions on RCRP. Legal and illegal. Joining a legal faction requires an application made through these forums. Joining an illegal faction can be done in-character, and in-game.

The legal factions include Police, medics, fire brigade, and the news. You must apply for these factions if you wish to join them.

There are only two official legal factions. Dillimore Bastards(Biker club), and Blueberry Speed Demons (Blue bandana chicano gang). There are plenty of unofficial gangs as well, and if you wish to join them, then you will need to roleplay your way in, unless they offer an application process as a choice.

I recommend joining a faction because it will definitely enhance your roleplay experience on this server. PLaying solo isn't extremely fun, sadly.

I hope this guide helped you out. If you have any further questions then feel free to PM me over forums, and I'll try my hardest to help you out.



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Feb 4, 2010
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That is a great guide, but If they are new to the server I don't think they will type /forum and come here to see the guides and stuff... They will just spam /n to ask about it...

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