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Dec 7, 2015

On the Issues

VisionAs a citizen of the State of San Andreas and an Attorney within the State, I have taken some time to reflect on the status of the State that we all live in and I have been able to take notice of several issues that this state needs to resolve in order to become the best it can be.

As a Senatorial Candidate, I have decided to run as an Independent because I do not owe my allegience to any party or specific set of ideas. Instead, I owe my service to the People of San Andreas who will be the ones electing me into the seat that I am running for – District Five. It is because of this that my vision for the State is one that does not represent the top one percent of the population, it does not represent the interest of PACs or business, it represents the people whose day-to-day lives will be affected by the decisions made by the Senate.

One way that this Vision will be accomplished is by establishing Government reform in its State Constitution as well as reforming the standards of Government transparency. It is the right of the People to be aware of what their representatives are doing during sessions and what the Senators are supporting. The Government should not be hiding its activities behind barriers and bureaucracy and instead we should allow the People to be able to perform a simple search and find the answers.

My vision will also take me to several of the important issues that we as Americans focus on every single day. Issues such as the Second Amendment, Abortion rights, and the War on Drugs. I emplore you to continue to read as I break down my stances on various issues.

The Second AmendmentAs Americans, we are each equally granted the right to bear arms by the Second Amendment of our wonderful Constitution. This right should not be infringed upon by our Government as much possible. In the wake of a growing epidemic of mass shootings, it is more important than ever to make sure that the means to defend ourselves are kept as unabridged as possible. While I do believe it is necessary to have checks on the ones purchasing guns and firearms, it is also essential to realize that those who wish to do harm to our Country do not care about laws and regulations.

I support the ability for any person above the age of eighteen to receive a license to carry as well as the ability to Open-Carry within the State of San Andreas. The only thing that should keep a person from owning a firearm are felonies, mental disabilities, or failure of training. I do believe that any person licensed to carry a weapon should receive training to use such a weapon, but beyond that it is not the Government’s responsibility to control what the average citizen does on a day-to-day basis.

LBGTQ+ RightsAs a human being, it is our right and for some a goal to find a person to settle down and spend the rest of their lives with. That process is a very personal and important phase of our lives, even something that was confirmed by psychologist Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development that occurs in every human during their Young Adult (19 to 40) phase of their lives.

This can lead to marriage – something that happens between two indiviudals. This should be kept between the two people involved and the Government should have no place, except for making the marriage official in a legal sense, in determining who a person marries or how that person marries someone.

Reproductive and Abortion RightsSimilar to the rights of those to not have the Government interfere with their marriage, it should not be the responsibility of the Government to control what a woman does with her body. While late-term abortions should not be allowed in any sense, if the mother is in her early stages then it should not be the Government’s role to say no. We are not the ones who judge a person for none of us are at liberty to throw stones from our glass house.

In the same sense, it should not be difficult for a woman to receive proper Birth Control. Birth Control is an important tool that women can use not only to avoid pregnancy but also help them with other female-specific afflictions. Therefore, the Government should not have a role in stopping a woman from their right to receive proper birth control.

War on DrugsThe War on Drugs has been a societal effort to suppress Americans and specifically target minorities since its inception. While the more dangerous drugs such as opioids and methamphetamine should be kept off the streets, the benefits of medical and recreational uses of Marijuana should not be suppressed by the Government. Ultimately, the Government should not stick it’s business into the private and personal lives of a person and it is not the responsibility of the Government to micromanage a person’s ability to use drugs. I support the freedom for Americans and the People of San Andreas to recreationally and medically utilize Marijuana and as a Senator I would support Legislation that legalizes that right within our State.

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