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Wade Edison(Doddsy)

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Aug 11, 2013
Your master account: Caleb
Your character: Caleb Austin
Their name(s): Wade Edison
Offense: Not RPing when their health was below 50.
Re-count of situation/description: Wade was in a shootout with us, we got him down below 50 health and we all stopped shooting him, expecting him to roleplay his injuries. Instead of roleplaying his injuries, he just ran up to another FBI agent and continued to shoot him, forcing us to kill him scriptwise. We did not want him dead scriptwise, hence why we took the measures to stop shooting him when his health got below 50.
Witnesses: Multiple FBI agents
Evidence: None
Additional information:
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Retired Admin
Oct 31, 2010
I'd like to begin with my defense by telling the side of the story. After various pursuits and fire fights between ourselves (the kidnappers) and the emergency services my father called me that my dinner was ready. I parked up in the vicinity of Flint Range in order to go down my stairs to eat my dinner. Upon coming back up as I typed /back I realized that I had been kicked from the Teamspeak. Prior to this I didn't realize my older brother forced this kick by being an idiotic asswipe. That aside when I tabbed back in after approximately two minutes (due to connection issues) I was faced with a sea of federal agents and law enforcement officers. I then proceeded to type in /b that I had just recently returned from /AFK. Yes earlier I did use /back but that was a fault of my own which I'd openly admit however the circumstances were rather peculiar. I'll happily say to you now that I was angered at the time due to me not even having the ability to leave Flint Range. Why would I be angered you may ask? Because it simply wouldn't have been possible for the whole emergency personnel online at that moment to react so quickly. You must understand that I was spotted stationary whilst I was still AFK which caused Crawford to call it in over the radio, which is a simple misunderstanding and I can deal with that.

Swiftly proceeding onto the events which were to follow; I joined your teamspeak channel saying around five words presenting you with the screenshot then left the channel. Due to my experience I can openly admit that I handled that not in the most professional of manners but I wouldn't go as far to say it was unprofessional. After presenting you with the screenshot in teamspeak I rapidly tabbed back IG and drove away where I was greeted with heavy fire from automatic weapons. Obviously this is where the misunderstanding came into play from both parties. At this point as an administrator I should of stopped and put my foot down to describe my point of view to you. However at this moment I was caught in two minds and the rush of being in such an intense situation took over. I proceeded to run to the gas station across the fields and hopped inside. I contacted a few of my pals over the radio who lay down fire on you guys opening up a bracket of optimism for me to make a rapid escape. Unfortunately for me the gamble didn't pay off and that resulted in me firing automatic rounds at an agent behind the complex. I was shot multiple times down to around 40-45 hit points where I should of typed /fall or another animation to portray an image to you guys that I was injured. However as I stated previously I was caught in two minds due to the whole "AFK" situation which occurred earlier. My anger did come into play with this "Non-RP Injuries" and eventually I was shot down.

After taking a couple of hours to think my actions through I've tried to weigh things up from both perspective. Putting myself in the shoes of a law enforcement officer or agent on scene and my own of course. I totally understand why this administrative complaint has been submitted however I'd really like you to acknowledge this from my perspective as well as your own. If anyone on scene had just been AFK for their dinner and you come back realizing you had been kicked from teamspeak you'd almost definitely want to reconnect to find out the reasons why. That's exactly what I did and unfortunately my connection issues didn't help. The way this situation unfolded was from an OOC misinterpretation or coincidence that I was AFK and had been kicked off the teamspeak. You must of found me when I was eating my dinner because there's no chance you'd of been able to respond as quickly as you could with all law enforcement personnel on scene with specialist units dispatched too. This is how everything occurred and from my perspective it was total misjudgment/a misunderstanding from both parties. The reasons for me not roleplaying my injuries was down to the reasons above and I'm deeply sorry if you don't view this the same way I do. Yes, as an administrator with nearly one and a half years experience I should of acted in a more professional manner however you need to understand my frustration.
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