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Denied [Updated] Server Re-Do

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Jan 6, 2010
Maryville, Tennessee
Well, as we all know, there are some really annoying bugs in the server... From how many cars there are, to how many bizzes there are, to even the price to enter a bizz...
Here are my ideas to help solve these issues...
(I will get a lot of /nosupport, I know this...)

1.) 1 car per player...
Why? Well, it's simple... 3 cars seem to be to much... I go through Montgomery, and it's filled with cars... I lag, and even Mick Foley. Let me tell you, most of the time, 1 out of the 3 cars is the only car driven, the rest is just left there to waste space... I know many of you want to keep 3 cars, or maybe want 6 cars again... Simply put, 1 car is enough, its for the good of the server... (Large ammounts of cars cause OP CODES.)

2.) Closing off all the mod shops.
Why? Simple, mods cause lag... Spoiler, Wheels, and etc. People are still getting these damn mods, even though we threaten to ban those who put mods on their cars... These "car modifications" cause OP CODES, thus causing many people to crash, and pissing off a lot of people. All I want is some gates to be put at the entrance of all the Mod Shops in San Andreas to prevent further modding...

3.) Bizz issues.
Bizzes are awesome, I agree, but everyone owning 2, well... Thats not cool... Reason? Well, every bizz is bought... And all these bizzes have entrance fees of 1000 plus dollars (Not all but majority...) This would be great, but most likely not happen, but I want the bizz limit set to 1, so there will be more bizzes avaible to the people. Also, I want the maximum price to get inside a bizz to be "100 dollars." So it won't be outragous just to get into a god damn pizza stack...

4.) Side-Jobs
Every day I come on the server, I see people going to Street Sweeper, then to Trucking, Sprunk, CoalMiner, and Trash Collector... This is just all out PoopSocking... I suggest there be a little Icon at each Side- Job to where you can /getjob.
After you /getjob, that is your designated "Side-Job" untill you quit the job. But here is to prevent people who will just /getjob, do the job then /quitjob. When you get the job, you do the little mission, but you don't get paid yet! Your money comes VIA Paycheck... Thats right, you are forced to wait... After you sign your check, then you can /quitjob and go get another job if you want... Of course there still will be Job Timers, like you can only do the job 2 times per paycheck. You must keep the job for 2 paychecks (1 hour) before you can quit due to a "Hire Contract" to keep people from quiting after the first paycheck. Maybe, each job has a Level Cap you need to be, for instance, Street Sweep can be level 1, as Trucker can be level 5 plus?

Thats right, I want them gone... The police, Aperture and Hitmen may keep them (as you know, must stay secret!) I don't want to see fucking civilians with them anymore! Reason? Hackers... Thats right, there are level 5+ noob hackers who love to piss me off.... It's hard for cops to arrest non RP faggots, it's hard to tell if someone is HP Hacking
(Devon fucking Speed is a prime example of this abuse.) Seriously, masks are making it really hard to stop DMers/Hackers/NonRP faggots...

==Update - April 1, 2010===

6.) Remove some skins...
Remove skin ID 166 from Locals Only, as it is the Black Variant of the Aperture Agents skin, I am tired of seeing people runnign around in this skin and pretending to be Aperture... (Add it to the Aperture Skin Pool.)
Also, remove all the rollerskate skins, they are exploited, for example, during a chase they /changeskin to it and out run cops and chasers.

7.) Admin Jail
When noobs are admin jail, they love to DM, spam /o and /pms. Thus I suggest (same with James_Little) that when admin jailed, the players are frozen and are restricted of all commands. It's fitting punishment... They don't get paychecks, can't use /o, /pm, /n, phones and any other command...
"Sorry, but You can't use commands in Admin Jail!"
This is a better punishment and they won't be able to annoy us anymore...

8.) Apartments.
There are tons of apartments all over Fort Carson and around Bone County. We should use these as "Houses" inwhich where you are forced rent every paycheck and you can spawn at the Apartment. The apartments are small rooms (The dark Jefferson Motel rooms.) and the rent will be around 200 bucks per paycheck. If unable to pay your rent, you are ejected... There are TONS of apartments, 1 apartment per door.

9.) 2 cars per players.
Since we are gonna have 2 cars per player, lets make it where noobs can't own 2 cars and save them at the noob spawn... Let's make it where you can buy 1 car (Level 3 + as usual...) but if you want another car, you need to own a house. (Apartments do not count...) This is to even out the "playing field" and makes everyone "Happy."

These simple changes can make it a lot better when it comes down to irritation factor and etc. I know a lot of people won't like these changes, but theses changes will do a lot of good...

- Founder/Admin Ian R. Birnbaum.


Feb 13, 2010
Ian you are wrong... You will not gett /nosupport from me :p /fullsupport

Why not just letting cops, Aperture, hitmans and such use masks... :p and that with the cars... Why not 2?? :p


/agree with almost everything.

i think for the large amount of cars, we need a /deletecar or /sellmycar put in that DELETES a players car from the server if they so choose. If it were to go down to 1 car per player, i would suggest an option to trade cars at the dealer or sell them back. I say this because I, like a lot of people, get bored with the same car after a while and have to go through the hastle of /advert multiple times selling the car for a price that is way undervalue. That would have been useful to me recently because i need to test out some new models i put in, but cant drive the vehicles unless i own them. I bought 2 cars and just gave them away for a dollar because they didnt fit the mod. Also, I guess i really dont need 3 cars considering i have access to police vehicles.



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Jan 6, 2010
Ian said:
I just don't think that will work either, I know plenty of 10+ hackers too...
Yep, leveling up is way too easy in the server....In a matter of hours, with enough money, you can get level 10 at least.


Mar 14, 2010
Stirling, Scotland
I agree with it all however for /mask

/mask should still show the persons health bar and armour bar (if used by civilians) but it'd block out their name.

For Official Factions such as Aperture, the cops etc - It'd completely hide everything as it does now.
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