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Dec 30, 2010

Announcement Regarding Recent Events

Hello friends,

Well, as most of you are probably aware I removed Evans earlier today after I was sent evidence of him making under the table deals for real money. It didn't even come from his personal bank balance either, he was spawning it for people using various methods that only a Management member would have access too. Originally, I wanted to go a route that would have little backlash and would allow Evans to continue playing on the server, but instead he went nuclear when the gamemode ended up being leaked on the SA-MP forums by Booth. A short time later, Evans logged into IRC since his permissions had not yet been removed, and posted the link to the topic. I advise players TO NOT DOWNLOAD THE SCRIPT as we are unaware if it has keyloggers or other malware attached to it. Booth was found to be guilty of harassing another player shortly before this incident with threats of potential violence. So please, if you have downloaded it, delete it, if you haven't but are curious, I again strongly advise you against it.

Now to address some current worries of players, I don't believe that the leaked script will have any real issues for us. The upcoming script update will be great and has many exciting new features. The server will continue to progress and that leaked script will stagnate. The script has been leaked at various stages of development before and there's yet to be a successful copycat, if there's even been a copycat at all since I've never seen one. Furthermore, no respectable developer would ever pick up the script from another server, and even if someone does, it would only be an update or two before their server is far behind ours in development. Add that onto how difficult it is to maintain a script that you didn't write and therefore have little knowledge of, it'd be a fools endeavor.

My one true intention at heart is to make RCRP into a successful server, and in recent months the server has seen success it never has before. We'll continue to strive to reach new player counts with better updates, and continue the unique experience RC:RP has been able to deliver since 2009.



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Jun 27, 2013
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Good riddance. About time.


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Aug 11, 2012
Hopefully everything goes back to the way it was. I'm honestly shocked that something this big could happen and hopefully you're able to remedy the entire situation.

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