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Jan 26, 2010
Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

Ken T. Hepburn
Born in Liberty City General hospital
13 of Sephtember of 1969 07:32 AM
Son of Marie Thompson and Earl Hepburn

The Story begins...

Liberty City

I were 7 years old,since when I renember I love nice places,with 9 years old I start to take pictures of my neighborhood with my dad old camera a 68 polaroyd,in school my researchs always got a picture,but only in
1985 with 16 years old i start to take pictures to the local newspaper,I earned some cash,in 1 year I got cash
to buy my car,but...I waited 1 year to get my driver license in LC,I worked as freelancer during 5 years,in this time I learned very about angle,ilumination,Zoom and this camera stuff,then I gone to Red County when i Heard
about nice places to take pictures there...

The Arrival...

Bone County Airport 1991...

The first thing to do is looks for somewhere to stay,I found a good hotel not too expensive but it was a shit
the second thing to do is look for cash,then i wondered with myself:
If I start a business,a news paper,the first thing to do is earn cash to start it:
The following day I got out and finda good job,they were paying for transporters in Truckers Deposit I started to work right when the guy said:hired

1 year past and Ken got some cash to start his business...

I purchased a warehouse, I transformed that warehouse into an office and some cash has left then I saved it for a rainy day
now I just need get my car...

Bayside Marina Docks...

I got into my car and keep driving it trought Tierra Robada,I arrived in the office parked the car and got the
work started



-No racism
-Do not Dm,Hack or any kind of cheating
-No flaming people in the newspaper


-Respect people the way you want to be respected
-Do not send pictures or info to the newspapaer without talk with the boss
-Any Significative News Send it to the Boss Mail box (( PM ))
-If you got very hot info don't send it to the newspaper , send it to the boss
-Try take good shots and learn to be a stealth investigator reporter

What is this gang about?

It's about Pictures,newspaper and info like San News but its Unoficial and we have a Blog to keep players informed,We will post every week the newspaper,We are investigator reporters too don't try hide anything from us,soon we will be ready to start

Gang Color:Red (( 155 ))
Secondary Color:Beige (( 15 ))


Whats your phonenumber (IG)?
Tell me your name:
How old are you?
Why I should hire you?


How long you Playing on this Server(Minutes)?:
Are you good in roleplaying?
Rate your RP:1-10:

(( Click in this link to download skins Ids List with pictures ))
4shared.com /file/204376940/7 ... SSAMP.html

Skins Gender Rank

(( ID 9 )) Female Trainee

(( ID 17 )) Male Comissioner

(( ID 46 )) Male Boss

(( ID 59 )) Male Freelancer

(( ID 71 )) Male Security

(( ID 76 )) Female Freelancer

(( ID 98 )) Male Reporter

(( ID 141 )) Female Reporter

(( ID 170 )) Male Trainee

(( ID 150 )) Female News Captain

(( ID 186 )) Male News Captain

(( ID 188 )) Male Freelancer

(( ID 217 )) Male Reporter

(( ID 223 )) Male News Captain


Ken Hepburn


-News Captain(4)




-Trainee(undefined limit):

Job Materials:

camera(with for least 20 shots) (( can be purchased in general store or eletronics shop fpr 125$ ))
notepad(for least 30 pages) (( can be purchased in general store ))
pen(black/blue) (( to RP use ))
Legal gun (( If you're a Security ))

Hepburn news Website:
<under construction>


Workers Utility:

-He is under test everytime,its too easy to get here,and too easy to get out too,so his utility is:Drive,check e-mails and if he be noticed of any significant thing he should inform the boss

-He take pictures to the Newspaper and earn some cash for this

-He tracks the infos,do interviews and get some material to the week newspaper

News Captain:
-He commands the Freelancers and Trainees he teach them some stuff and give them things to do

-He commands the Reporters,he invite people for interviews and give some info to reporters find out

-He edit the week newspaper,commands all ranks and we is noticed about all infos and he checks all and post it on newspaper


Don't hide anyhting from us,anytime anywhere we Find it out


Jan 11, 2010
Pictures, Logos, Banner? Needs more, Sorry. /nosupport, Oh, we have a news team anyways?


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Jan 26, 2010
Rio de Janeiro,Brazil
Sorry i know SAn news Corp exists but there's no IC newspaper like a blog everyweek,i don't want be San news Corp. Twin,my faction is about get hot news,report it to me and post in a IC newspaper (Blog)i think San news don't have something like this?


I'd quite like a newspaper weekly, but I don't think it warrants a faction.I think the admins could do it, there could be a permanent job section, and a news section that's updated weekly.
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