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Under 16 Roleplay Rules [Last Updated: 27th of January 2018]

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Roleplaying Under 16 Years of Age Rules

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Under 16 Restrictions

1. A character cannot be younger than 12 years old.
2. All vehicle licenses are disallowed except for Motorbikes license with specified vehicles. (Use of /changedob to get licenses is breaching this rule.)
3. E-Sex and rape are NOT allowed for under 16 year old characters.
4. Younger characters are expected to RP being younger, and not taking legal/illegal roles as if they were an adult, this includes reaching a high rank in a faction meant for adults. I.E. No <16 year old biker gang presidents or <16 year old CEOs in Elite Trucking.
5. Breaking the law as a minor requires a RP reason besides economic benefits.
6. Being arrested as a minor will result in 1/2 of the normal jail time, repeated offenders may be tried as an adult.

Vehicle UseWhen roleplaying below 16, you are not allowed to own vehicles that require a car license. Motorbike licenses are acceptable for character below the age of 16 but only allow access to certain vehicles. These vehicles are acceptable for people under the age of 16 to drive legally at all times as well as have their character own in /mycars:
  • Faggio
  • Sanchez
  • Quad
  • Any type of Bicycle, (BMX, Moutain Bike, Bike)
When it comes to cars, you may drive them illegally but not for extended periods of time. You are not allowed to drive them too commonly as well. If you find yourself constantly hotwiring vehicles just so you can drive them from place to place, roleplaying under 16 is not for you. Hotwiring vehicles should be a once or twice a day thing. You may also not legally own a car under the age of 16.
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