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[UCP] Referral System

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Aug 30, 2016

Referral System

Development OverviewFeature Name: Referral System
Coding & Development: Toni
Documentation By: Toni
Special Thanks: -
Feature Version: RC:RP UCP 3.4

IntroductionThe referral system is a new system that will be introduced in the upcoming update of the User Control Panel (UCP) 3.4. In this documentation, I will be going through the features of it, rewards and other information. Everything you see on this topic is still work in progress and subject to change. I decided to release the sneak peak now so I can collect some feedback from the community as the system is being developed, such feedback can be send on my forum PMs.

Core FeaturesIf you would like to start refering players, all you need to do is open your UCP Dashboard and at the bottom, you will have the Referral tab.

From there, you can generate a 6 letter code which you can either give to players or send them the URL. All URL codes are formatted like so: redcountyrp.com/code/{yourcode}. In the same page, you can also view all the people you referred and when.

If you decide to give them the code, they will have to manually input it when registering, however if you give them the URL, the system will automatically apply it to their session and they won't have to write anything when registering. As the page already says, if the code (for whatever reason) is wrong, you can reset it by going to redcountyrp.com/resetcode.

When the referred player reaches 10 hours of total time played:
Referring player gets:
- 50.000$
- 100 XP
Referred player gets:
- 25.000$
- 50 XP

When the referred player reaches 100 hours of total time played:
Referring player gets:
- 100.000$
- 250 XP
Referred player gets:
- 50.000$
- 125 XP

Final NotesPlease note that all referrals and claimed rewards are logged. If we find out that you have abused the system to receive funds, you will be permanently banned and your cash will be reset. As mentioned above, the system is still in development as such anything on this topic can change.

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