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[TUTORIAL] How to make non-trash screens with LSRP


Jan 3, 2018
Before going in further with this, big shoutout to @Diversity and @Beth for the method shown below, I only claim credit for the idea to put this in a guide format.

Some people don't like or cannot use Photoshop or Paint (even though I heavily recommended them over LSRP), maybe you have some sort of Pakistan PC or you simply cannot wrap your head around how that godly program called "Photoshop" works, either way, this guide is going to be your saving grace.

Before you go into this, you will need a couple of things to start out with:
-Photoshop (Don't fret, you will see in the guide why you need it)
-A working potato-powered computer
-Basic functioning respiratory functions
-RCRP color codes

You will need to download LSRP and "acquire" yourself a working version of Photoshop firstly. I can probably help you get that photoshop thingy in my forum PMs you know what im sayin
After that you just need to follow the video and edit your screenshots using the color codes below:

{c2a2da} - /me and /do
{e6e6e6} - talking
{967100} - radio
{2e5926} - advert
{e67e22} - /s
{e6e6e6} - /l
{565f91} - /w
{fd79a8} - /news
{82ccdd} - SMS from
{f21818} - SMS to


If you have done everything right, then your RP lines should look the same as the ones on RCRP and your screens should look just as good as if you were to edit them in Photoshop or Paint.

Here are the steps again:
1. Acquire yourself the programs mentioned above
2. Watch the video
3. Use the color codes and follow the video steps
4. Profit

With that being said, I hope you enjoy this guide, again, big thanks to @Diversity and @Beth, and if you have any questions or regards about this guide, feel free to ask below.