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Apr 10, 2011
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(May not be a Guide or a Tutorial, but still.)
If you ABSOLUTELY needs mods, like a Chevy Caprice, usually it is really Highpoly, which makes SAMP crash sometimes, right now I'm uninstalling all my mods, I use some mods where you maybe only have re-done the interior a little, and changed lightbar to ELM lightbar. That is Not Highpoly, it is really nice to SAMP too.

This for example.

If the site loads for you, you can see the original police cruiser. Look at the lightbar, it's an ELM enabled lightbar, it's also has a Chevy Caprice interior.
Though it is absolutely low poly, doesn't make crashes at All. Use one of these mods, here's a guy that makes alot of them, firetrucks, ambulances, all ELM enabled, but the original lights are Enabled.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmuxMR7ekG0_video_title (press the picture to get it bigger.)

Look at that, The original ambulance, but ELM enabled.
( if it doesn't work, here you go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmuxMR7e ... ideo_title )

And This guy, check his channel, makes alot of them.

How to install mods too by the way.

Downgrade your GTA to patch 1.0. (But everyone here plays SAMP so they already have 1.0.)

Get IMGTool 2.0 ( Get it here. )

When you have it, start it.
Find the "open IMG" (or something like it) and press it, you'll come and have to search for your San Andreas, ( C:\Program Files(x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas. For me that is.)

Once you've found that folder, go to: \Models and open the gta3.img.

Press F2, to search and find, let's say you have that modded ambulance files in your GTA San Andreas folder.
Search for ambulan.txd, there will come up an ambulan.txd. Right click it. Extract to, then it is GTA San Andreas Folder (Backup Folder). (Make a Backup folder to put it in.)

Then you rightclick and Replace, go to GTA San Andreas folder (not backup folder) And replace the ambulan.txd. Now you have the skin/textures remade.

Re-do the procedure with the DFF file.
In this case, the ambulance mod I showed you, only have DFF. Make that procedure (Up there) with the DFF, and close it, now you have a mod.
(But also, read ReadMe's that may show up in folders.) You may also use, GTAGarage Mod Manager (Google is your friend.) or San Andreas Mod Installer (Google is your friend.) (I'm also Not good on writing Tut's, so excuse me if it is a little bad.)
Warning: If you mod High Poly mods, Count with that game will crash some in the start, it isn't "use" to the new mod, but it's okay. Though you will still get crashes.

I wish you guys luck doing this!
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