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Denied Trial jobs and Official jobs

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I think every job that isn't shady/illegal should be based on the forums. If someone wants to officially have a job they need to apply at a City Counsel or some such thing to have that job.. officially.

Every job should have an in-game trial that isn't based on the forum. It only has a couple of the commands and gives the player a feel for the job enough so that they can see if they like the job or not and would then go to the forums to apply for the official job. Doing this would then open them to a whole new set of commands in addition to their old set. It would also give them a slightly larger pay. This would make more work for the admins, but it would increase the need to role play and would regulate who can do what, hopefully preventing one player from gaining too much power.

If they don't want that job they can then move on to the next Trial job and see if they like that instead.

For an example of this trial, I'll use my other suggestion of Lawyer.

Trial Lawyers (titled Public Defenders) would have the comands /warrants, /cases, and /free. They have the core skills as a lawyer and can be an asset to their fellow player. However, they aren't accomplished enough to use the more advanced skills and would have to apply on the forums to gain a sanctioned job and be green flagged. Having these mini-lawyers would also be more RP appropriate for a gang-based lawyer. (Based off of movies alone, gang lawyers are only somewhat skilled in law practice and are not in city official's favor).

The more advanced lawyer would be able to defend people in court (forum based), and work with police and other sources for their work as opposed to talking to random strangers in need of help.

Also, these trial jobs would include Police, Taxi, EMS, and Fire Brigade (the forum-application only jobs). Police would have Private Investigators, essentially what the Godfather script terms "mercenary"; Taxi would basically include the current bus driving and possibly some other form of public transport; EMS would have the Private Doctor job, and etc.


Why nobody writes comments to your subjects? Your ideas very good. I support it
Not open for further replies.