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Triads - 14K Triad [Un-official] [MOVE TO ARCHIVE]

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Mar 11, 2010
14K Triads

The Background
The Triads are a Chinese criminal organization, and their activities mostly include thefts, contract killing and drug trafficking, extortion and money laundering. In 1760 the Heaven and Earth Society was founded. Their main objective was to destroy the Qin Dynasty. It took more than two hundred years until the Qing Dynasty ended. Many members of the organization left after their main objective was complete, but some remained. As the communist take control of the country in 1949, law enforcement became tougher on criminal organizations and forced the triads to migrate to different countries. In 1950, more than 300,000 triad members had migrated. One year later there were only eight triad organizations left. The eight remaining were Wo Shing Wo, Rung, Tung, Chuen (Quan), Shing, Sun Yee On, 14K and Luen.
As the triads├óÔé¼Ôäó power increases, they remain low-profile while engaging criminal activities.
Some triads have their own forces as international drug cartels, protecting drug products and ammunition.
The power of the triads lies at the level of hierarchy. You must be born in the right family to acquire the higher ranks.
Triads use numeric codes to distinguish ranks within the gang. Each rank has its own number. One rank even has the same name as their code number. The 49ers. They are the newest members, who haven├óÔé¼Ôäót sworn their oath.
As the Yakuza the triad members are also very subject to ceremonies. The ceremonies take place at an altar dedicated to Guan Yu together with an animal sacrifice. After that, the member swears his oath, reading it from a paper. After that, the oath will be burnt on the altar to confirm his obligation to the gods.

The 14K Triad is the second largest Triad organization in the world. It contains 20,000 members and is based in Hong Kong. The 14K are responsible for large-scale drug trafficking around the world. This is their primary business in terms of generating income.
The 14K was created in 1945 as an anti-Communist action group. It was created by the Lieutenant General Kot Sui-wong.
Other than drug trafficking, they are also involved in illegal gambling, money laundering, arms trafficking and extortion.

The Triads worship the Almighty Guan Yu, who was a general during the Three Kingdoms era of China. He played a significant role to the collapse of the Han Dynasty. He is respected for his loyalty and righteousness.

The story of Tokurama Kenji, and also the story of the 14K Triad.


The beginning.
Tokamura Kenji was born in 1957 in a village close to Hong-Kong, called Mei Foo Sun Chuen. His father was a pheasant, and his mother had died during his birth. He was very tiny, and his father didn├óÔé¼Ôäót believe that he would live for long. He had one brother and two sisters. They lived together on a farm outside of the village, but they were very poor. His childhood was very harsh, as he was bullied at school since his family was poor peasants. Kenjis brothers had to drop out of school to help their father at home. Without their help, the father was unable to buy food for the whole family.
When Kenji turned 13 his father wanted him to leave school, to help him and his brothers. But Kenji wanted to continue studying, so he refused. He ran away during the night, after saying farewell to his siblings.


The Temple.
He travelled for some days and on the fourth day, he saw a big temple high up on the mountain. He had always been curious about monks and religion. He had heard from his siblings that his mother was very fond of her religion, and that she had been studying in a temple during her teens. As he had never met his mother, he felt eager to find out more about how her life had been. When he entered the temple, an old monk came towards him and greeted him. Kenji asked if he could become a student in the temple for some time, which the old monk would gladly let him be. He started to learn more about the religion, and also about a certain person who many chinese worshipped. It was Guan Yu. He studied hard every day, and he also learnt some Kung Fu from one of his teachers. The apprentices were taught both Kung Fu, and to become monks.
After four years of hard studies, Kenji left the temple. His education was complete, and he would now move into the Kowloon town to continue his normal studies.


Arriving to the big town.
As he arrived to Kowloon, he started working in a fruit store to earn some cash. Without cash he wouldn├óÔé¼Ôäót be able to pay for his studies. Each week he received a little cash, and the shopkeeper, whose name was Kenshou Tiruko, also let him stay in his house. Kenji was very grateful to this man, since he was able to continue studying.
Two years later the shopkeeper was murdered by an assassin sent by the Sun Yee On Triad. Kenji became furious, since the shopkeeper was the only man he knew in Kowloon. Except the teachers at his school, but they were never friendly towards him as he was the son of a peasant. He now had to take care of himself.


Taking care of himself.
After some time he was able to run the shop all by himself, and could actually gain a profit by running it. By doing so, he was able to continue his studies for some time.
But only a few weeks after, three men came to the store. They were all wearing suits, and two of them were huge as houses, both armed with weapons. The man they were protecting walked up towards Kenji to speak with him. He was from the 14K Triad, and was asking about the murder. He said that he needed to know about it, since they were rivals. He introduced himself as Cheng Takeo, the son of Cheng Mitsuko, the leader of the 14K triad.
Kenji told Takeo everything he could about the assassination, and Takeo was very pleased to hear that Kenji was such an intellectual person, who knew all the details. He told Kenji that he could use a man like him, and wanted him to come to his office. Kenji received a note, with the address and phone number of Takeo├óÔé¼Ôäós office.


Joining the organization.
A few hours later, Kenji arrived to the office. It was a huge building, the largest one he had ever seen. And on the top of the building there was a red dragon painted on the wall. Kenji thought that it had to be the symbol for the 14K Triad. As he entered the building, he saw plenty of bodyguards guarding each door. He went to the reception, and asked the man if he could see Cheng Takeo. At first, the receptionist refused as Cheng Takeo was busy. But when Kenji showed the card he had received from Takeo, the receptionist decided to help him. He told him on what floor Takeo had his office, and then pointed towards the elevator. Kenji used the elevator, and stepped out at the 28th floor. When he stepped out, there was a big man waiting for him. He was told to follow the man, who walked to Takeos office. He entered the office and saw Takeo talking on his phone about business. As Kenji took a seat, Takeo ended his phone call and pointed his attention towards Kenji.
He wanted to make Kenji a proposition, about working for him. He needed clever and loyal men to work for him, who were good at noticing small details. He offered Kenji protection, a safe house and monthly pay for his work. Kenji accepted at once, as this was an offer he could not refuse.


Starting from scratch.
Some weeks later, Kenji had sworn the unbreakable oath to serve the 14K. He had now officially become a member. He established his own influence within the organization, and worked hard. He helped Takeo with many things, helped him with his business and such. If someone hadn├óÔé¼Ôäót paid their rent for protection, he was the one who was chosen to get it. Very soon he became a Red Pole, and was able to lead a smaller squad during his missions. To complete his missions became much easier as he had more friends helping him. After several successful missions, Kenji was promoted again. This time, he was promoted to White Paper Fan. He received his own office in the main building, only two floors away from Takeo. He started to work with the income and the economy within the organization. He told the Red Poles where to collect their money, and how much they were supposed to get. As he enjoyed his job and was very good at it, the organization made a big profit.


Advancing within the organization.
After working some years as an administrator, Kenji was promoted to Deputy Mountain Master due to his efforts. He was able to be in the field again, and he was also in charge when the leader was not present, which he actually liked the most. He liked to make up strategies and to see the fear in his enemies├óÔé¼Ôäó eyes, if there was a conflict he was ordered to handle. He loved to live close to the danger, he had never felt more alive in his entire life. One of his most successful missions was when he was ordered to collect the rent from a casino in Hong Kong. The security was as high as it could possibly get. Despite this fact, Kenji succeeded in making a strategy to take down the guards as easily as possible with the lowest losses possible. During the mission he only lost four men, and walked away with four million dollars. Takeo, who now had become the leader of the organization due to his father├óÔé¼Ôäós death, was very astonished by Kenji├óÔé¼Ôäós development. During eight years, Kenji had turned from a pheasant into a highly ranked Triad member. Takeo was also very pleased for Kenji├óÔé¼Ôäós previous mission, which gave some profit to the organization as the casino owner admitted defeat and started to pay his rent after the raid, made by Kenji.


Cooperative leaders.
Takeo liked Kenji├óÔé¼Ôäós development so much that he even let Kenji become the cooperative leader of the organization with him, which was very unusual since the ranks are usually gained by inheritance. They worked very well together, and together they made the 14K the second largest Triad organization in the whole world. Their influence made many small organizations join them, which made them bigger. Their income and their wealth grew steadily, and after some time they were billionaires. They were able to purchase more expensive business, and they were able to afford more weapons and workers. They could offer protection to more companies, and they could also get more freedom by bribing the police. After three years of cooperative leaders, the organization had 20,000 members. They were now the second largest organization, and were rivals towards the Sun Yee On, who were the ones who sent the assassin against Tiruko.


Leaving their home country.
As the rivalry against the Sun Yee On became too intense, and none of them gained an advantage over the other, Takeo and Kenji decided to try their luck in another country. They let their Deputy Mountain Master take control over the organization while they were gone, to keep the Sun Yee On under control. If they were to be attacked, Takeo and Kenji would be informed immediately.
Takeo and Kenji left Hong Kong, and ended up in a small country called San Andreas. The year was 1989. As they brought some cash with them from their home country, Kenji was able to buy a farm, which would be perfect for their new headquarters. At least until they would manage to expand into something bigger if they would be able to recruit new members in this new country.


Business in the new country.
As they had bought their own safe houses, they started dealing with the business they knew the most, drug trafficking. Quickly they purchased a property which would be the place that they kept their stash. Very shortly they received many deliveries, containing lots of drugs. They made much profit from the drugs, and after while their names gained more respect, there were more who wanted to join up with them.

Taken from the diary of Tokamura Kenji.

1. Mountain Master - Leader
The one who is the leaders of the organization, and the one holding all ceremonies.

2. Deputy Mountain Master - Deputy
The one who is in charge when the leaders are away.

3. Vanguard - Operations Officer
The Vanguard is the one who orders the Red Pole what to do, but he follow orders from the leaders and the deputy.

4. White Paper Fan - Administrator
The one who keeps an eye on the economy and income.

5. Red Pole - Enforcer
These are the ones who leads the operations, with small squads of Blue Lanterns/49ers if the higher ranks are not able to lead the operations.

6. Blue Lantern - Member
The Blue Lanterns are the members who have sworn the oath, and have shown their loyalty to the organization.

7. 49ers - Outsiders
The 49ers are members who have not sworn the oath yet, but are still part of the organization.


Mountain Master / Dragon Head
This is the skin used by the leader, Tokamura Kenji.

Only the leader have one chosen skin, since the organization does not only exist of Chinese people. Therefore it's free to choose what skin you want.

Ceremonial Clothes (Used at ceremonies)
During the ceremonies, every member must wear these clothes.

Mountain Master
Tokamura Kenji

Deputy Mountain Master
White Marcus


White Paper Fan

Red Pole
Patterson Rob

Blue Lantern
Toyotomi Hiruko
Jacknife Caleb

Edd Thompson

Deceased members
Cheng Takeo - Dragon Head ├óÔé¼┬á
Tork Daggen - White Paper Fan ├óÔé¼┬á

Our headquarters are located in Whetstone. It is the Hemps Farm. A big farm with pretty big interior. Very good for meetings, as it is peaceful out there.

The oath is sworn by a member during the ritual. The member steps up to the altar of Guan Yu, and swears the oath. Then he signs a paper, and it is burned on the altar. This will make the Almighty Guan Yu part of the oath too. If the oath is broken, the member will be punished by the wrath of the Almighty Guan Yu.

I, [Full name], swear that I will guarantee my full respect and loyalty to the Almighty Guan Yu and the 14K Triads. I will do whatever it takes to help my brothers and sisters, and I will always help them when they're in need. I will do my best to improve the organization, and I will never show disloyalty. The organization is my only family, and I will not hesitate to kill someone in order to protect it. I will always do what is best for the organization, and I will always honor the Almighty Guan Yu with my life.
By swearing this oath I, [Full name] am bound to serve the Almighty Guan Yu and the 14K for all eternity..

1. You need to be level 3.
2. Being Chinese is not a requirement.
2. You must be worshipping the Almighty Guan Yu.
3. You must show loyalty and respect.

OOC Rules
1. Follow the server rules.
2. Do not harass anyone.
3. Do not mix OOC/IC.
4. Always RP.
5. No Deathmatching, powergaming, metagaming nor hacking.
6. No scamming of others.
7. Your name must be Lastname_Firstname format, since that is the way the Chinese names are.
8. Use the honorifics.
9. By joining, you must accept a CK when you leave. (After swearing the oath)

IC Rules
1. Do not attack anyone without permission, unless it is self-defense.
2. If you show disloyalty to the Triads, you will be killed.
3. Always help your fellow brothers when they├óÔé¼Ôäóre in need of help.
4. Always show your loyalty and respect to those who deserve it.
5. Obey the orders you├óÔé¼Ôäóve been told, immediately.
6. Traitors and snitches will be punished.
7. Do not kill anyone, unless you├óÔé¼Ôäóre told to or in self-defence.
8. If you ever break the oath, you will be punished by death.

If you break the rules, you will be punished. The punishment depends on what rule you broke. It will also depend on how much you overdid the whole thing.


* Allies *
Waqqa Crime Syndicate

- Neutral -

├óÔé¼┬á Enemies ├óÔé¼┬á

Level (Required level 3) :
Playtime in RCRP:
How often are you online each day:


(IC) Application
Full name:
Phone number:
How long have you lived in San Andreas?:
Where did you live before you came here? (If you are born here, do not respond.) :
Tell me about your life (At least 150 words. Preferably more.) :
Why do you want to join 14K? :
What are your specialities? What are you good at? :
Do you have a weapons license?:
What can you do to help to improve the 14K? :
Have you been in any other faction before? If so, which one? :

(You can post your application here. If you get accepted, your roleplaying skills will be tested IG.)

Ivo Johnson - Traitor


/support This is better then the Yakuza one i think i will be awaiting the story too. ;)


Yamaguchi-Gumi didn't work out? What shoud make me think that this one will make some good progress.



Mar 11, 2010
The reason I didn't want Yamaguchi-Gumi anymore was because there were already three Yakuza families. I felt like there were too many.
Besides, Triads are Chinese and Yakuza are Japanese. So there is quite a difference.


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Jan 9, 2010
Joshua said:
The reason I didn't want Yamaguchi-Gumi anymore was because there were already three Yakuza families. I felt like there were too many.
Besides, Triads are Chinese and Yakuza are Japanese. So there is quite a difference.
For your information, Mark's Yakuza family is dead, Jin's is hardly active( I never hear about them ) so you could've kept your Yamaguchi-Gumi. I thought Triads were Vietnamese but you're right. I /support this.


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Feb 17, 2010
Jeremy_Cortez said:
Joshua said:
The reason I didn't want Yamaguchi-Gumi anymore was because there were already three Yakuza families. I felt like there were too many.
Besides, Triads are Chinese and Yakuza are Japanese. So there is quite a difference.
For your information, Mark's Yakuza family is dead, Jin's is hardly active( I never hear about them ) so you could've kept your Yamaguchi-Gumi. I thought Triads were Vietnamese but you're right. I /support this.
Naaaah look at Wu Zi Mu. That's china town. And later at the Four Dragons Casino. Yeah, chinese :D


Jin's yakuza is torn apart he said it's over and i don't know about Marks one.
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