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Toonerville: South Central Locotes 13 (Unofficial)

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Jan 17, 2010
The Story

As the days pass , the Surside Surenos , became to crumple , into bits. Devon Speed , who was a Ex-Convict , along with his Cell Mate , Jemmy Bob , who was arrested in San Fierro , for leading the 163rd St. Psychos Clicka. Aftering leaving the San Fierro Prison , They moved to a new apartment in Los Santos , In North Los Colinas.

" Look at them stupidos eh? Thinking they gangsters. " Jemmy mumbled to Devon. Devon turned towards Jemmy , laughing a bit. " Si eh .. " Devon said. They walked down from the roof , and into their apartment , turning on the TV , watching the news. " There has been several reports of the Northern Hispanic Gangsters , or known as " Norteños ". The Police Chief , Enzo DiCaprioso , have taken serious measure , in taking down these hooligans. SWAT Operations have been started , to eliminate all hooligans in the Northern Area. There have also been a little help , from the Southerners , These Surenos are enemies of the Norteños , There have been many gun fight in the are.. * Gun Shots * We will be righ ... * Zizzz * Devon turned to Jemmy , and grinned. " Lets go see whats going on eh! " Jemmy shouted in excitement. They soon grabbed their coat , and packed a 9MM Handgun each. They headed into their vehicle , and droved off. They stopped at Felton , and continued on foot. They stopped near the Norteños barrio , and took out their handgun for safety.

Soon , They spotted the SAN News Truck , They took cover there , and saw 2 motionless body , laying in a puddle of
blood , It was the reporter , she have been killed by the Norteños , so did the camera man. They looked out of the shattered window of the vehicle , seeing Police Officer , shooting at the Norteños. They took cover after one of the bullet almost hit Jemmy in the arm. They tried to run away from the gun fight , but was spotted by a Police Officer.

" HEY! " The Police Officer shouted , aiming at them , But the Norteños shot him in the head , killing him. They soon got in the SAN News Truck and drove away , Jemmy wasn't lucky , His bleeding in the left foot. " Ese! I am hit eh! " Jemmy screamed in pain. The truck soon broke down near Idlewood , South Central. Devon dragged Jemmy into one of the buildings , knocking the owner and killing him with his cuete. Jemmy soon loose consciousness after loosing too much blood , and Devon was guarding the door. When Felipe gain consciousness , he insisted they go back and take out the Norteños. * Click Clack * , They cocked their gun , and approached the house of the Norteños. They broke into a room through a window , and eavesdrop on the Norteños. They took a black hoodie from one of the cabinet in the room and put it on. They soon heard someone approaching them , so they grabbed onto their neck when they enter , and shot him in the chest. They took out the other fews , before exiting the house. They killed a total of 6 Nortenos , and no injuries. They soon returned to the " Safe House " , which was where Felipe rest when he was shot.

After 2 days , They went back onto the street. They soon spot a Norteño near a alley way , they stopped their vehicle behind him , and Devon took him out with his handgun. They placed a note near the gun shot , saying " Surenos Por Vida ".

Devon : Ese , Tu'know those Surenos down at El Corona eh?
Jemmy : Si'mon.
Devon: Tu'know , they be crumpling away since the surenos rise eh , Think they need some help.
Jemmy : I know what'tu mean ese .. * Laughs * I really do..

The Ranks
El Jefe

Mano Derecha




Pee wee

High Ranking

El Jefe: El Mero Mero, they are the ones running the gang and you must listen to them
Mano Derecha: He's the bosses left man and second in command
Luitenent: He's got high respect and has a lot of gang knowledge
Low Ranking

Soldado: He's been in the gang for years and earned his rank and respect

Tiny: Slowly getting his respect from the gang and has to listen to what high rankings have to say
Pee Wee: has no or little respect from the gang, barely joined and has to listen to the high rankings
El Jefe
Devon Speed
Jemmy Bob

Mano Derecha


Daniel Angeles

Denisse Dutsu

Pee Wee
Kevin Blades
Tedfur Takozumi

Katlyn Truth

Total Members: 7
The Application
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Rate your Roleplay :
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Level of Character :
Other Characters :
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IC Information

Spanish Guy : Wha'tu doing here vato?
You :
Spanish Guy : Coo' .. Coo' .. So Wha'tu name ese?
You :
Spanish Guy : Tu'got a placa vato?
You :
Spanish Guy : Orale. Tu'live near by?
You :
Spanish Guy : Si .. Me too. Where'tu from?
You :
Spanish Guy : Orale! Me too , We gonna get 'long just fine.
You :
Spanish Guy : Adios amigo!


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Jan 8, 2010
Oh great how many times do i have to say this... YOUR GANG WILL GO NO WHERE, Just please FUCK OFF with these damn things.. They're pointless, ya'll are wasting your own time..


Re: Toonerville: South Central Locotes 13 (Unofficial

We already have more gangs.


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Jan 6, 2010
You people can't fucking read.
Instead support others god damn it!

Yurik Cherdenko

If these are the blue mexicans then they need to swallow their fuckin pride occaisonaly lmao. Trying to take on 2 heavily armed russians will only end you up in a grave which it did :D Thats what happened to one cocky blue mexican anyway


Jan 11, 2010
God damn, Stop the gang apps.. There to many.. Plus Jemmy Bob is a fucking Cunt, so who would want to be in there with him?
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