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Toonerville Los Aztecas (Unofficial)

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Jan 17, 2010
The Story
It was a bad day for poor Devon, no one to hang with, no one to talk with. But when Jemmy Bob came along it was a whole different story. Him and I started up a new gang named Toonerville Los Aztecas. We were Neutral to the Russian Mafia and enemies to the El Vato Locos. It was all started when Jemmy and I got a few new members, then a new gang came along in the El Quebrados area. The Grape Street Cripz. Jemmy and a few of our gang members done a slaughter on them. So as of I Devon Speed I went out looking for more Recruits for the gang. Turns out we had over 10 members before the day was done. At night we stayed outside to protect the Hood (El Quebrados) and in the Morning we set out to find some more people to join within us. Jemmy and I got in a gun fight with the El Vato Locos on the way to Red County, and as of John Morgan which I was with at the moment, they blew his car to pieces and we both landed in the water. John and I swam to the nearest piece of land we could find and got back to our hood. As of Jemmy he was recruiting a man at the Hood when John and I got there, the Grape Street Cripz hid in the Warehouse and shot at us as we were recruiting. Its a good thing we killed them all though. The gang "Toonerville Los Aztecas" was formed in 1992 of March the 12th. It ran for a few days and then came an incoming slaughter of both El Vato Locos and Grape Street Cripz. We all died but recovered in the next month or so. As we ended up waking up in Fort Carson, we got into another fight. A fist fight it was, my people and the other men was fighting, I took out a bat and started hitting them then they ran off like little chickens. Me and the injured members got back to the hood and made up a plan to protect our hood (El Quebrados). And we slaughtered both El Vato Locos and Grape Street Cripz and at once, we were victorious. Live long the Toonerville Los Aztecas!
The Ranks
El Jefe(Leader)
Co Jefe(Co Leader)
Mano Derecha
The Members
Devon Speed "El Jefe"
Jemmy Bob "Co Jefe"
Denisse Dutsu "Soldado"
Daniel Angeles "Mano Derecha"
Kevin Blades "Membro"
Mark Lionhartt "Soldado"
Andreas Lionheart "Soldado"
Lake Deo "Commander"
DeAndre Way "Soldado"
John Morgan "Soldado"
Vlad Andrei "Azteca"
Tanga Kayo "Soldado"
Klafjen Love "Azteca"
Jake Leo "Azteca"
Adi Ile "Soldado"
Ron Tyson "Membro"
Maxime Morin "Membro"
Justin Vezeau "Membro"
Damye Jackson "Azteca"
The Application

Where do you live:
What Time Zone are you in:
What is your IG Level:
Give me an Example of Death Matching:
Give me an Example of Revenge Killing:
Give me an Example of Character Killing:
Give me an Example of Metagaming:
Give me an Example of Powergaming:
Rate your Roleplay Skill from 1 - 10:
Rate your Driving Skill from 1 - 10:
Why do you want to join the Toonerville: Los Aztecas:
Tell me a story about yourself:

Mexican guy: Hola Holmes!
Mexican guy: Hows ya doin' today amigo?
Mexican guy: Ah.. Si, si.. Where you from holmes?
Mexican guy: Nice. I am from El Quebrados. So, what is your name my friend?
Mexican guy: Alright. So, have you heard of the Toonerville Los Aztecas?
Mexican guy: Ok, thats all I want to know my friend, see you around amigo!
The Rules
Do not DM anyone.
Do not PG anyone to do Actions.
Do not mix IC with OOC.
Respect the other members.
Do not shoot random things for no reason.
Do not disrespect any members.
The Skins
Coming Soon

Cruzito Canderias

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Jan 17, 2010
The sky
Well, you maybe have many members, but I haven´t seen any role play of you guys during the past days.
No support here.


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Jan 6, 2010
No. Your faction was removed earlier. Check archive. Locking again. Will be archived shortly.
You can't steal ideas from other servers and have a shitty faction. This faction is disclosed. Any further RP I see within the gang in-game from someone, will be admin jailed for two hours. I hope I make myself clear.
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