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[TommyB] Refund - Cole_Schmitt


Jul 14, 2013
3 Reagan Road(house) and Sultan(Owned By Patrick_Shults)
The idiot got himself banned
I payed half for the house and i payed half for the sultan I helped him buy
Would you like the items refunded while you are offline? (If successful) Yes [] No [x]
(Note: Only Weapons, Drugs & Materials can be refunded while you are offline also they will be saved in your inventory)
I posted one of these refunds probably about 6 months ago and was told that I was going to get the items back, I never got them because I got a job and could not find time to get on so TommyB could refund them. So now I got some new friends that are playing on RCRP and I would be so happy if I could get these refunds sooner than later. Thanks, Cole.


Jul 17, 2013
Hi! This is Patrick Schultz, the one who was banned. I came here to confirm that Cole did indeed pay for half the cost of our house and my car, but it was under my name. We figured we'd both use them, which we did. So I can see why he wants them refunded/returned. So 3 Reagan Road and a Sultan was the two exact items, as you know. I confirm that they were meant to go to Cole. Thanks!

By the way, I just posted a ban appeal because I remembered how much I wanted to play. Please consider it and it will make this much easier too. :ohoh: