[Tips] The Towns Guide. [WIP]

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Sep 14, 2012
IG Name
Jasper Riley.
IG Faction
SANews Co.

This guide is to help the new players of RCRP learn what are in which towns and how to navigate the towns.


Enterable Businesses.
  • Casa Blancas (Casino).
  • Aperture Warehouse.
  • Lucky Loans.
  • 'Nice Buns'.
  • Last Drop Warehouse Services.
  • SANews Corperation HQ.
  • Montgomery Cafe.
  • Royal Taxi Co.
  • Montgomery Store.
  • Montgomery General Store.
  • Montgomery Electronics Shop.
  • Montgomery Locals Only. (Clothing Store.)
  • Locals Only Montgomery. (Clothing Store.)
  • Montgomery Restaurant.
  • Montgomery Post Office.
  • Strobe Nightclub. (Club.)
  • A&K Properties.
  • The Black Stallion. (Gym.)
  • Montgomery Bar.
  • Montgomery Porn Shack.
  • Babylon. (Club.)
  • Sprunk Factory.
  • Inside Track Betting.

Non-Enterable Businesses.
  • Gifts and Souvenir Shop.
  • Marvin's Hardware.
  • Hardeware Shop.
  • Papercuts.
  • Montgomery Gas Station.

  • 21 Blocks of flats, a total of 105 flats in Montgomery.
  • 22 Montgomery Trailers, 9 are around the Newbie Spawn.
  • 3 Clover Court Homes.
  • 6 Montgomery View Homes.
  • 8 Riverside Lodge Homes.
  • The Montgomery Ranch.
  • 14 Hampton Barns Homes.

Noteable Locations.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
The DMV is located in Southern Montgomery right next to the Royal Taxi Co. and the Montgomery noob spawn. It is one of the most needed locations on the server. This building provides all licenses for all types of vehicles, for a price.

Crippen Memorial (CMM).
CMM is the large hospital located in Montgomery. It acts as a spawn point for if you get "Wasted" and die (Around the Red County area). There is a slight respawn time after you die because you are getting healed. They charge a small fee and will take away any drugs, materials, or weapons (Unless you have a license/profession) and charge you with a fine for those as well.

Montgomery Park.
The Montgomery Park was a recent mapping done by DirtyTruth. The park is a hub for activity in Montgomery and it is also a great place to RP in. You will usually find people sitting outside the park or inside the park at almost all times of the day.

Montgomery Noob Spawn.
This is where most players start. Is is the trailer park that is across the street from the Montgomery Store and right next to the DMV. This are also houses Montgomery Trailers 1-9. It is a prime place spawn in because it puts you in the center of all the action.

Sprunk Factory.
Montgomery also hosts a sidejob for the players. At the Sprunk Factory you can hop in a green Boxville and delivery Sprunk to the surrounding towns and locations. It provides you with a decent amount of money too. It's marked with a Red Flag on the minimap.

SANews Corperation HQ.
This building allows players to make advertisements and private advertisements that broadcast to the server for buying and selling purposes. The commands are /advert and /padvert. You can also sell illegal items but make sure your item is cleverly hidden.

Montgomery Dealership.
This car dealership, located across the street from the DMV, sells multiple high-class cars. It ranges from the Premier all the way to the Stafford and Comet. You must be level five to access this dealership and make sure to bring a wallet full of cash with ya', cause it's expensive.

Marvin's Hardware.
This area allows you to make weapons and ammunition for weapons. You need to bring materials as well as some cash to make said weapons and ammunation. To use this building you must have the Arms Dealer job.
Things you should know.

Parking on Montgomery Main Street or around the Police Department is forbidden. Your vehicle will be towed and impounded.
Multiple factions RP in Montgomery (SANews, SASP, MAL13, Ancelotti Family) so this would be an area you may find them.
The Arms Dealer job is located here. It's marked on the minimap with a briefcase.

Palomino Creek

Enterable Businesses.
  • Palomino Creek Store.
  • Club PULSE.
  • Palomino Creek Post Office.
  • Palomino Creek Home Electronics.
  • Palomino Creek Electronics Shop.
  • Palomino Creek Little Lady. (Clothing Store.)
  • Palomino Creek Cafe.
  • Palomino Creek Club.
  • Palomino Creek Restaurant.
  • Palomino Creek Ammunation.
  • Well Stacked Pizza Palomino Creek.
  • Outer Road Store.
  • Palomino Creek Garage..

Non-Enterable Businesses.
  • Jazz Mags.
  • Dicks Sounds.
  • Palomino Creek Dry Cleaners.
  • Fosters Trading.
  • Bub's Harware.
  • Fishers Lagoon Shop and Beach.
  • Red County Sweeping Co.
  • PC Gas Station.

  • 10 Blocks of flats, a total of 50 flats in Palomino Creek.
  • 8 Peach Crescent Homes.
  • 8 Palomino Way Homes.
  • 8 Bluff Drive Homes.
  • 13 Vale View Homes.
  • 12 Moyers Road Homes.
  • 3 Outer Loan Homes.
  • 9 Outer Road Homes.
  • 4 Reagan Road Homes.

Noteable Locations.

Town Hall
One of the three town halls in Red County Roleplay are located in Palomino Creek. The other two are in Angel Pine and Fort Carson. The town hall is marked with a floppy disk on the minimap. You are able to collect paychecks at this location to gain XP and some money. **NOTE** Do not /savecar at the Palomino Creek Town Hall.

Palomino Creek Church.
The Church, located behind the town hall, is an area normally used for weddings and funerals. It incorporates a graveyard and a drive-thru sinning booth. The other church is located in Bayside. Both have a nice interior with pews and a coffin.

SACFD HQ (Station 49)
This is the primary headquarters of the SACFD (San Andreas County Fire Department). This building houses all of their vehicles aswell as a spawn for the members. It's located right before the highway on the northern side of Palomino Creek.

Water Works.
A recent mapping added in the server, done by Sobo, allows the residents of Palomino Creek to have clean water. It is located right before the bridge and allows plenty of RP. It is a great mapping and an awesome building.

Home Electronics Store.
This store sells all the electronics aspects for your home. Don't get this confused with a regular electronics store. You can buy TV's, Computers, Stereos, the works! It's located right off Route 48 in Palomino Creek.

Palomino Creek Garage.
This is one of the many repair garages in the server. This is also the only garage where you can buy engine oil for a vehicle. It houses two hotwireable towtrucks as well as an interior with plenty of car parts. You also buy a toolbox, used for hotwiring cars, here.

Palomino Creek Bay.
This is where you can buy a fishing pole, fishing license, and bait. You can either stand on the dock and fish or grab your boating license and head on out into the bay to fish. Please do not take the Reefer outside the bay.

Red County Sweeping Co.
This is one of the numerous sidejobs located in Red County. Just hop in a Sweeper and go. You are given a path to sweep up all the debris and keep Palomino Creek clean! It is your civic duty to do so, so keep it clean!
Things you should know.

Palomino Creek has the most homes in the server.
One of the three town halls are located in Palomino Creek.
One of the five furniture stores are located in Palomino Creek.


Enterable Businesses.
  • San Andreas State Police Internal Affairs.
  • Dillimore Store.
  • Dillimore Strip Club.
  • Dillimore Furniture Shop.
  • Dillimore Ammunation.
  • The Welcome Pump Bar.
  • Dillimore Barbers.
  • Pasha's Cafe.
  • Dillimore Electronic Supa Store.
  • Dillimore General Store.
  • Dillimore Sex Toys and Videos.
  • Dillimore Post Office.
  • Little Lady.

Non-Enterable Businesses.
  • Dillimore Ca$h Store.
  • Gasso Gas Station.
  • Computer Repair Shop.
  • Mr. Grants Bike Shop.
  • Dillimore Automotive Dealership.
  • Big Mikes.

  • 12 Blocks of flats, a total of 60 flats in Dillimore.
  • 7 Greenhill Road Homes.
  • 8 Hilltop Farms Homes.
  • Hilltop Farm Ranch.

Noteable Locations.

Dillimore Police Department.
The Dillimore Police Department (DPD) is the headquarters of the San Andreas State Police (SASP). This is where they keep all of their faction vehicles and where small time criminals are kept. It has a custom interior (Tom'BillyJo) and a few exterior mapping updates.

Mr. Grants Bike Shed.
This is the only location where you can buy a motorcycle/ATV. You need to be level three to purchase a vehicle from this dealership though.

Dillimore Automotive Dealership.
This is one of two car dealerships in the server. Here you can buy vehicles that are cheap to repair and vehicles that are useful. The only expensive vehicle here is the Buffalo which costs $300,000. You must be level three to purchase a vehicle from here.

Furniture Store.
Tbis is one of two locations that you can buy furniture store for your home. Once inside the store you can use the commands /browsef and /browseflist. The other location to buy furniture is in Fort Carson.

Dillimore Garage.
The mechanic job is located at this garage. To get the job head into the floating briefcase and use /getjob. This allows you to drive the towtrucks around the garage and use /spray, /nos, and /hyd.
Things you should know.

There is usually a heavy police presence in Dillimore.


Enterable Businesses.
  • Blueberry Well Stacked Pizza.
  • Blueberry Electronics.
  • Blueberry Store.
  • Blueberry Post Office.
  • Murphy's Law Storage.
  • Walkers Garage.
  • Blueberry Gym.
  • Blueberry Cafe.
  • The Full Jug.
  • Demons Casino.
  • Blueberry Locals Only. (Clothing Store)
  • Kappa Construction Head Office.
  • Blueberry Warehouse Services.
  • Docs "Health Clinic"
  • Blueberry Ammunation.

Non-Enterable Businesses.
  • Red County Transport LTD.
  • Red County Trucking LTD.
  • Finalbuild Construction.
  • Blueberry Scrapyard.
  • Avery Construction.

  • Panoptiocon Ranch.
  • 9 Blueberry Trailers.
  • Blueberry Acres Lodge.
  • 2 Shoreside Villa homes.
  • 6 North Blueberry Trailers.
  • 2 Blueberry Main Street Homes.
  • 4 Jason Street Homes.
  • Industrial Park.
  • 18 Rumbley Blocks.

Noteable Locations.

Red County Trucking/Transport LTD.
These are both sidejobs that are located in Blueberry. The Trucking LTD consists of you driving a truck and delivering assets to pre-determined areas for around 2-3k. The Transport LTD allows you to drive a bus around the server and pick up players and drop them off in another location. The Transport LTD does not pay that well which is why it's not used by most players.

Blueberry Farms.
A large, open area for cultivating crops or for a little farmer RP. There is plenty of open space for RPing multiple things. Farmers, A little illegal Roleplay, a perfect place for murder, the opportunities are endless!

Paintball Arena.
This is a special area located in Blueberry that is used for events. It's only openable by Head and Lead admins (Correct me if I'm wrong). It's a good time had by all once the event opens.

Blueberry Noob Spawn.
This is another noob spawn that is provided by the server. It places you in the middle of the Blueberry trailer park as you venture off into the server!

Blueberry Scrapyard.
This is where you can scrap vehicles for materials. The command you use is /scrapcar and there is a ten minute cooldown time. You will get a random amount of materials per vehicle when scrapped. The materials can be used to make guns or you can deal them on the streets.

Blueberry Gym.
This is a special area because it allows you to learn more fighting styles. Once you reach level 10 you are able to learn one of many unique fighting styles and abilities.

Parking Garage.
This area isn't really special, but it's great to RP in. It is a parking garage located in northern Blueberry. There have been many carshows, flea markets, illegal races, and much more here. It's free to enter also.

Full Throttle Bar/Blue Dynasty Hangout.
Both these are enterable places located in Blueberry. Neither one is a business so there is not an entrance fee. They are both located outside the Rumbley Block apartments and offer up plenty of roleplay opportunities.

Things you should know.

Blueberry and Fort Carson both have the same number of sidejobs located there (Two).
The Drug Dealer job is located here, look around southern Blueberry.

The Los Santos Area.

Enterable Businesses.
  • Vinewood Cafe.

Non-Enterable Businesses.
  • None.

  • 10 Las Colinas Trailers.
  • 11 Gitano Trailers.
  • 12 San Pedro Avenue Homes/Trailers.
  • 16 Mulholland Way Mansions.
  • 11 Lade Drive Mansions.
  • 10 Rooly Way Mansions.
  • 11 Dollar Street Manors.
  • 1 Jefferson Block Home.
  • 1 Jefferson Avenue Home.
  • Oceanside Manor.
  • Los Santos Estate.

Noteable Locations.

Jefferson Motel.
This is a scripted area IG that is often used for many shootouts and gang activity. It's located right next to the railroad tracks and is enterable by all players. It has a large interior that features many rooms for roleplay.

This area is one of the only places that is scripted outside the countryside area.
This is the home of many rich players who have nothing better to do then own large houses.

Angel Pine

Enterable Businesses.
  • Angel Pine Service Cafe.
  • Angel Pine Service Station.
  • Specialty Furniture Store.
  • Angel Pine Ammunation.
  • Angel Pine Cluckin' Bell.
  • Angel Pine Casino.
  • J and J's Restaurant.
  • Angel Pine Barbers.
  • Cafe on the Corner.
  • Walker LTD.
  • Angel Pine Supermarket.
  • Angel Pine Electricals.
  • Beauty Salon.
  • Leydi D Cafe.
  • Angel Pine "Pharmacist".
  • Angel Pine Clothing Store.
  • Angel Pine Post Office.
  • Angel Pine Sex Shop.

Non-Enterable Businesses.
  • Angel Pine Sawmill.
  • Angel Pine Bait Shop.
  • Lovin' a Loan.
  • Tony's Furniture.
  • Power Tool Paradise.
  • Angel Pine Scrapyard.
  • Angel Pine Chili Dogs.
  • Angel Pine Gas Station.

  • Whestone Ranch.
  • 9 Redpine Lane Homes.
  • 12 Angel Pine Caravan Trailers.
  • The Kellerman Estate.

Noteable Locations.

Mount Chiliad.
This is the largest mountain in the wonderful state of San Andreas. It has many winding paths for the offroading enthusiast and a large area on the top which houses The Kellerman Estate, a runway, and a helipad.

Angel Pine Hospital.
This area serves as the primary spawn area if you die in the Flint County area. Just like CMM, this hospital will charge you a hospital bill and a fine if you are caught with illegal substances or a weapon without a weapons license.

The Specialty Store.
This is a furniture store which has a lot of items that are special, hence the name. You can buy anything from kitchen cabinets to a party floor. Some items are very expensive while others require a donator level status.

Things you should know.

Not many people RP in the Angel Pine area.
This town houses one of four furniture stores.

Surrounding Flint County Area.

Enterable Businesses.
  • Flint Produce.
  • Flint County Gas Station.

Non-Enterable Businesses.
  • None.

  • 2 Fallen Tree Cabins.
  • 9 Fallen Tree Trailers.
  • Acorn Fields.
  • Whetstone Farms.
  • Flint Range.
  • 9 Lombard Trailers.
  • Roadside Ranch.
  • Beacon Hill.

Noteable Locations.

None to list.

Sep 14, 2012
IG Name
Jasper Riley.
IG Faction
SANews Co.
This is a work in progress, I hope to have all the major tows up soon. If you notice anything wrong or thing something should be added then post a message below. All feeback is useful :)


Mar 29, 2013
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Gonna be a lot of work if you're going to list everything in every town, don't give up on this :thumbup:
Aug 22, 2013
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Brilliant guide so far, keep it up Cacksii and it'll pay off. Good luck!
Sep 14, 2012
IG Name
Jasper Riley.
IG Faction
SANews Co.
Thanks you :)

Updated it with Palomino Creek. If you see anything wrong or think anything should be added then leave a comment below :)
May 25, 2012
Cacksii said:
Thanks you :)

Updated it with Palomino Creek. If you see anything wrong or think anything should be added then leave a comment below :)
Add "PC Gas Station" niqqa! :D
Sep 14, 2012
IG Name
Jasper Riley.
IG Faction
SANews Co.
Jackson. said:
Cacksii said:
Thanks you :)

Updated it with Palomino Creek. If you see anything wrong or think anything should be added then leave a comment below :)
Add "PC Gas Station" niqqa! :D
It's on it.
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