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Denied The suggestions that didn't make it to the forums

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Jan 9, 2010
So since I've joined RCRP people have had a lot of suggestions that never really made it to the suggestion section (Rhyme) of the forums and I just thought that we should get peoples input on them before V1 comes out. Remember these are just what I've heard, and most of these are not my ideas so don't blame me if there bad. I will update this whenever I can with new Ideas. I will aslo just put my suggetsions on here so noone complains that I'm spamming or something...

1. more detailed tow commands. I've found one Here but the only thing that intrests me is the /TowMe command. this could really start to increase the amount of people who use tow trucks (me sometimes) and better RP your car breaking down or something.

2.RTS (rate the server) self explanitory Link You would use /rate to start the rate process.

3.pizza boy side job.

4. /enter /exit commands for journeys (if there even is any.) in case some wants to go camping.

5.More drugs...I don't know why but I've heard people say theres not enough.

6. Something like rag doll mode where if you get hit by a car or your player is killed they have kind of like dead weight instead of the other anims

7. Cops really need a radar gun and spikes because people non-RP drive whenever they can theres no denying

8. you should be able to rob more places like just walk into a convenience store and type /rob. to stop people from spamming this and running away right when the cops come you should have to wait a certian ammount of time Ex:*craig_jizzy walks into store* /rob *robbery started* *go and stay in the red check point to complete the robbery* (2 min go by) *robbery completed you have robbed X amount of money* and there could be a little status bar at the bottom of the screen Ex: *cracking safe* 50 sec goes by *taking cash* another 50 sec goes by, and it could work like that.

9.There should be gang territories and gangs could start wars by killing other gang members, (like in single player) but this would have to come with heavy RP to prevent DMing off the wall.

10.Animals/pets...Who ever the fuck suggested this!it will help keep RP up.

11. like skypo said in his request for V1, if your health is below 20% or something you do the /injured anim, but people should have to eat and drink stuff or they will lose health. It could be like if you don't eat each day you lose health. This also has to come with heavy RP.

12. Already suggested airport somewhere with a new set of side jobs so that heli/plane licenses arn't useless unless your rich.

13.There needs to be more houses and bizzes/inactive players houses and bizzes put up for sale. Can't really help this.

14.Already suggested Accents... for when your talking you could type /accent [accent] and you have an accent (will stay on until you log off.)

Thats it for now and I'm starting to get tired so I'll work on it more tomorrow. All inputs accepted (to make list better.)


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Jan 6, 2010
1. I don't exactly understand the point of this one.

2. This one either to be honest.

3. Perhaps soon. Could workout with all of the pizza stacks.

4. This is actually a mod to where you can do this.

5. There's plenty for now. Unless you want to add all kinds of shit like ecstasy, heroin..

6. What?

7. Going to have to explain more on how that would work out.

8. Too much work involved into something that's not really needed.

9. Too muchDM would be involved with newbs in the gang. I say no. (Reminds me of point wars. Which are fucking retarded)

10. Just roleplay having a pet.

11. Maybe, but it'd get annoying.

12. Sidejobs = Poopsocking = Non Rp. I think all side jobs should be turned into one whole job, where you have to go get the job and wait the limit before you can get a different one.

13. There will be by 1.0

14. I think there's going to be. Or languages like this, but you can just make it.. "Italian Acc." instead of "Italian"

Those are my opinions.


1. No, you can already chose to use tow trucks for broken down cars, if you don't do it now, you won't do it later with addons.
2. Lmao, watch the server get 1/5 because of Ragers, atleast put a level/Time limit on it.
3. Meh, would be cool I guess.
4. Naah, alot more suggestions are worth more time ;/.
5. We could add some Speed or Meth? Maybe?
6. I think that would Lag the server up.
7. Fuck the radar gun, go /speed {ID}. But I do agree with the spikes thing. /support
8. /support
9. No, that would result in a huge DM fest, and confusion for admins which have to punish.
10. How the fuck are we going to bring that on SA:MP, there aren't even any on MTA, lol..
11. Meh, yeah, why not.
12. /support, private helidrivers would be awesome job!
13. /support
14. /support


You actually can make spike strips, they have them in single player driving school in SF.


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Jan 6, 2010
Joshy said:
You actually can make spike strips, they have them in single player driving school in SF.
And if i remember cops put spikes in roadblocks in single player
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