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The story of Jose Hernandez.


Feb 15, 2010
**Sits down in a chair as he starts to tell his story**

"My story begins as an eleven year old drug dealer living in Hepburn Heights, Liberty City. As I recall the year was 1980, It was just a typical day on the streets Selling Drugs, Hustlin' wallets, Stealing things from cars. This for my father as he was Jefe of a small-time gang called The Diablos.. The change of my life was made at around 8:30 at night as I entered the Crib.

The Liberty City Police Department had show up and it was a raid, I tried to run though it was no use. They had put me into the back of that police car and took me down to the station. I was placed in front of the judge as he looked with disgust. I knew what he was thinking: "When will these kids learn." as my thoughts were: "Why couldn't I have shown up an hour later". At my sentance the plea was guilty and I was booked for Drug Posession, Concealed Weapon, and Resisting Arrest. My sentance was the next three years in a detention center. I was in the detention center and was getting worse. New people were being met and new connections were being established. I was getting harder by the day as I had no fear. I had watched my back protecting myself for about eight months. I was around twelve by now and eventually met up with 2 other young Mexicano's one was a kid about two years older than me named Christian "Casper" Santiago. The other one was a kid about my age he went by the name of Carlos "Chuko" Estabez. I did not know it but they were my homies foever. Rest In Peace both of you. ((Pauses for a second and bows his head with a single tear before continuing)) I from then on was known as Jose "Jo Jo" Hernandez.

Soon after I had met them I had gotten a call from back home. It was one of my friends from the hood he had called to tell me my father was killed and the gang had fell apart as from that day on I have not been afraid to kill a man. I was full anger and hate as Chuko and Casper kept me together. Up until Chuko left the detention center when we were fourteen I still had another four months. He promised to keep in touch as he often did. For the next four months it was just me and Casper watching eachothers backs day in and day out no one was going to get us.

The day of my release came and I had felt bad Casper was being left alone. But as Chuko did I promised to keep in touch too which I did. The first thing I did was went to the old hood. The old crib was boarded up and el barrio was a wasteland. I decided to leave and never come back. I had been living on the streets as I went to the post office to see if anything came for me after about a week. It was a letter from Chuko he was working illegally on the other side of town exporting cars from Liberty City over to Vice City for Caspers family. He wanted me to help him as I was up for anything. Casper still had two months to go. For the next few months we were exporting cars working for El Santiago Familia and making my money. Casper had gotten out of the detention center by now and was given a warehouse for his loyalty to the family. We were now located in a little area called Portal delivering cars to Francis International Airport. We were gaining power and money at the same time. I thought there was nothing that could stop us.

Two years later, We were raided in our warehouse. There were only the three of us. I was once again arrested this time sentanced to six years in prison. As for Casper and Chuko they were shot down. They had pulled their Ak-47's screaming "Jura no arresto mi tu' cabrones". They had killed an officer and injured several others. My time in jail had just begun. I was sent down to Los Santos and the next six years were spent in Los Santos Prison. While in prison I made connections so I could stay there when I got out. I had met up with a man named Rodrigo Juarez who lead a gang called Los Santos Vagos. They wore yellow and kept me protected as I felt they were my new family. I had done my time in prison while mostly trying not to be shanked and raped by opposing gangs while straight up reppin'. I had gotten out of prison and moved down to a project building in Los Flores. Again selling drugs and now feuding with a gang called Varrio Los Aztecas.

I had killed several people as I was twenty-two years old now. It would have bothered most but I grew up with it. These were common things to me and my homies. We delt drugs and were straight up Gangsta. We had control of the city they were feeding off us. Ballas were too busy warring the Orange Grove. We were painting the town yellow. I had been robbed after about four months by these Aztecas. This was a war. The town was soon painted red as the Aztecas slowly started to die. Many vagos were killed in this process. I was stabbed at age twenty-two going on twenty-three by two Aztecas creeping through el barrio. I was hospitalized for 6 months after this attack in rehabilitation. My birthday had passed and it was another one missed one. Vagos were dying there were now few. I had to lay there in disgust thinking those bastards were going to kill us all. My rehab was a long painful process but I had made it through. I left the hospital and stayed on the down low. I was practically un-noticed until my twenty-fourth birthday. That day was the day Aztecas found me. They did not kill me they beat me and stuffed me in the trunk. I was stuck into their trunk and did not know were I was going to go. They took a long trip to the middle of nowere and dumped me.

I had been dropped off in a place called Montgomery with no clue about anything. Did not know anyone one or anything about them. Since that day I have had many encounters with police and other people in the community. Met up with some men who destroyed my name and left them for being dickheads. Those guys were not for me I have found my family. I am still the straight up Gangster I started being when I was young just now doing it right. I have since moved to el barrio in Las Barrancas. Drive my feltzer with pride. Have my yellow bandana everywhere I go and live for my hood."

(Jose Hernandez): I have things to do now peace out chico's and chica's.
**Stands up and walks away without another word being said**