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Denied The Role Play test & other suggestions

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Mar 14, 2010
Stirling, Scotland
The test should be done like this

Test. Part 1
Please copy the below sentences exactly word for word

*Sentences here that are not too difficult but would be for those that can't understand/use English properly/correctly*

Test. Part 2
Before continuing it is advised that you read over the /forum and thoroughly read through the rules and regulations of the server. If you have done this please type "/agree"

*Person has typed agree*

Please answer the following questions - These questions will be related to the rules and regulations that you have read on our /forum. Failure to answer these questions correctly will result in you being kicked from the server. Three failed attempts will have you banned

Is Death matching allowed?
A. Yes.
B. No.
C. Sometimes
D. If there's not a lot of players on.

Do we allow blade killing?
A. No
B. Yes

Does the server allow revenge killing
A. Yes.
B. Only if it was through means of an OOC Situation.
C. No.

Are scams allowed?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Only small IC, rp'ed scams are allowed.
D. You can scam any amount.

- If they failed that they obviously didn't read over the rules - Also if they were kicked the answers would be moved around as would the order of the questions so they can't click the things they didn't click previously.

Test. Part 3

Welcome to the role play test. This is the final part of the test, failing to answer a question correctly will result in you being kicked and made to re-do the test from the start, if you answer three questions incorrectly you will be banned from the server

What do the terms OOC & IC stand for?
A Out of Context & In Context
B Out of Control & In Control
C Out of Character & In Character
D Out of Class & In Class

You are driving on the wrong side of the road & the police pull you over, what is the correct way to act?
A Ignore the Police & speed off thinking you're innocent.
B Pull over to the side of the road, turning off the vehicles engine
C Refuse to stop and /q if the police catch you
D Get out of the car and start shooting the police

What is Metagaming?
A Using IC knowledge in OOC context.
B Using OOC knowledge to effect IC situations.
C A step up from "BETA"
D A Software company

What is Powergaming?
A Role Playing as a Superhero with ultimate power.
B Role Playing as an almighty and powerful being.
C Forcing actions upon other players without their permission to try and gain advantage.
D Role play bombing the whole server and killing them all.

Scenario: Someone crashes into your car, how do you act?
A Ignore it and continue driving
A Role play being hurt and that the crash has occured
C When the other person stops, get out of your car and shoot him/her
D Continuously ram their car until it blows up, no one fucks with your car!

End of test *Tutorial then starts*

Hide "[Auto-Kick] "non-rp name"

- A lot of people with the incorrect format of names that try to join - I hate seeing the big list of "[AUTO-KICK]" could it be possibly hidden or like "/togservermessages (Auto-kicks/bans/jails/etc) on/off"


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Feb 17, 2010
You can't script so that the script will find out if what you type is close to the correct explanation.
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