The police and the FBI

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Dec 22, 2010
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I thought I'd write a quick guide on the police and the FBI. This guide is generally about them rather than a sepcific part about them or aimed at a specific audience, anyone from a n00b to a veteran, from a gang banger to a police officer or FBI agent themselves can read this and hopefully it will be interesting and informative.

I myself am not in the police or the FBI, and I haven't ever been, but RPly my job as the Chief Justice means I have a lot of interactions with them and also I know quite a bit about this stuff in real life, so I thought I'd try and apply as much as possible here in this guide.

What is their job?
The police and the FBI actually have different jobs, very different. While both are "law enforcement" they are intended to play extremely different roles. You may just think one is for crime in general and the other for "bigger crimes" in general, but it isn't that simple.

Lets look at the mottos:
Police- To protect and serve
FBI- Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity.

Now this explains a lot about the roles they play. The police are there to protect the people and to "serve" them. They are here to stop as much crime which direcctly effects innocent civilians as possible. Hence that means everything from muggings to speeding to people who carry guns on them and even murder, this is the protection part of the motto as well as part of the "serve". The main bulk of the serve part of the motto is to provide information and help people out. The police should not be unapproachable, they need to be a mobile information point, helping give directions, giving advice and even if people just want to have a quick chat. This last part is noted as sommunity interaction and it is supposed to be a BIG part of the police's job so that people and the police get on and help each other out and it is also used to help deter crime in areas.

Now onto the FBI. There is an issue in having the FBI on a SAMP server in that San Andreas is a single state, and the FBI was invented to tackle cross state line crimes as police don't have jurisdiction in other states! Before you say "Well then lets get rid of the FBI" consider this. What kind of state is 100% independant- none of them, hence the name The UNITED states of America, and that means that all the states share something, including crime. RPly money weapons and drugs will be coming in from other states and this is where the FBI comes in. From cracking down on those with guns and drugs to those who are members of gangs who could "possibly" operate across states, RPly there is a lot of places for them to step in. Notice in their motto though that there is no part which says they are here to help the public. Their main aims are more self centred within the organization- to be loyal (fidelity) to each other, to be strong and stand up for things (Bravery), and to be honest (integrity). Therefore their aim is not to "help/serve" the community, but rather to provide an extended arm of the law, but mainly be loyal together- making it a closed society, that's why IRL and RPly FBI agents are generally quiet and not up to answering questions or giving reasons. Likewise they shouldn't/can't give out speeding tickets etc because they aren't trained to do so, if they saw someone speeding they have every right to pull them over, but they can't do anything except contact the police to come give a ticket (Pointless and a waste of time really in most cases) or instead simply arrest them on the spot and take them to a police station to be processed(Which again they will usually save for people they just really hate).

How do they do their job?

Both organizations do their jobs very differently, but as a side note the police do have many different subsections- such as the undercover unit etc which may act more like the FBI, but not exactly the same please note!
The police in general should aim to provide a presence in an area a clear and obvious one to deter criminals and offer help to the citizens of the area in question. They can do this through the use of their obviosuly coloured cars, flashing lights and even just wearing their uniform. Police are there for "quantity", this doesn't mean quantity over quality in any way, but their MAIN aim is to get a quantity of officers/a large visual presence in areas to deter crimes.

The FBI on the other hand is a very secretive organization- or aims to be at least. They try and act as plain as possible, drive round in plain boring black cars and try and blend into the background. They aim to spot crime and not prevent it on the spot but instead document it. Then they should aim to follow the chain and gather the evidence, for example if they spot some gang members hanging out around a club maybe they'll park up their car and take a few pictures from afar and wait. Maybe one will get out an illegal weapon- at this point the police would call for back up, step in arrest the individual search the others etc etc and generally destroy the crime in progress, on the other hand though you have the FBI who would see the gun and document it and which person was holding it and carry on watching see what else happens and eventually from 1 small illegal act like carrying a gun illegally you can unravel a huge web of crimes and the whole organization starts to become clear to the FBI agent. Now names are important so infiltrating the gang/organization using either agents undercover as either buyers, sellers or even members, or pay to get some outsider to do it and use them as a mole!
Now this is all a lot of data gathering- which is what the FBI is all about, and when they have enough data- bang- they sweep in heavy and hard and make as many arrests as possible and lock the people up for as long as possible.

So one goes for crime prevention, the other goes for crime exploration and demolition!

I could add a lot to this... but I'll leave it like this for now- I'm too tired to do anymore!
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