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The Muncini Story...


Feb 13, 2010
The Muncini Story

The Grandfather, Don Muncini...
Don Muncini was born 1908 the 01/02, by Gregory and Juana Muncini in Italy, in a little town called Corleone (( I know, its taken from the Godfather ))... He lived there until he was 19 when he imigrated to the USA, to Liberty City where he met Judy Salvitori, thats also from Italy, and she was 18... Under 2 years they lived seperately, and Don beginned to work in the Perestroika in the Broker... He also took some military training... At Don´s age of 23 and Judy´s age of 22 they gott 2 boys, two twins they called Joshie and Salvatore... They took the name Salvatore from Judy´s lastname and changed it a bit... When Don were 25 he and Judy married, and moved into an apartment in Little Italy, in Liberty City...

The Father, Salvatore Muncini...
So Salvatore and his brother Joshie was born 1931 the 19/12, in Liberty City... By their age of 14, year 1945, they joined an (( Very Strange )) Italian Gang... It was the only Italian gang in Liberty City, and it was called Domenica (( Sunday in Italian ))... The same year did their mother Judy die in an car accident... Their father Don was 37 now and still worked at the Perestroika, in the Broker... Salvatore and Joshie worked their way up in the gang, but year 1959 when they were 28 the Vietnam War broke out, their father that was 51 now had to join the war... 1963 did Don die in an ambush by Vietnamese forces... Joshie leaved the gang, and moved to Alderney in Liberty City, where he was going to become rich, and he was 31 now... Salvatore also leaved the gang and moved to the Dukes in Liberty City, he was also 31... Their birthday have not been yet... They never speaked again... The same year did Salvatore meet Janie Norelli, thats also an Italian, and she was 31... The same year the 03/10 they gott two twins, a boy and a girl... They named them Paulie and Laurie.. 1 month later they married... One year later, 1964 they gott another boy the 23/04... They named him Johnny...

The Son, Johnny Muncini...
Year 1964 the 23/04, was Johnny Muncini born in Liberty City, at an Hospital in the Dukes... When Johnny was 11 years and his brother and sister, Paulie and Laurie, was 12, in 1975, did the Viatnamese war end... Johnny and Laurie did well in school but their brother did not... Laurie had many boyfriends... Paulie became an Errand Boy and did some small favors and errands, for an Mafia called the Barzini (( I know, its also taken from the Godfather ))... But when Johnny was 14 and his brother and sister was 15, 1978, the Muncini family, excepts their Uncle they did not know that he existed, moved to Vice City... By this year, their father Salvatore and their mother Janie were 46... When Johnny finished school he was 19 and his brother and sister was 20, year 1983... Johnny´s brother, Paulie joined an Cuban gang in Vice City and Johnny worked as an Mechanic, and he took some military training (( Like weapon training and all that )), and their sister worked at a strip club... Johnny joined the platoon Black Spiders... It was an secret platoon, not many heard of it... 1991, did their father, mother and sister die, they got killed by an drugged gang banger that tried to rob them, when they were on their way home... Their father and mother was 59, and their sister was 28... Johnny was 27, and his brother was 28... The two brothers decided to revenge their fathers, mothers and sisters dead... In a whole year they tried to find the gang banger... One year later, 1992, they found the gang banger and killed him, but how ever did Paulie got very injured by the gang banger, and end up in the Hospital in Vice City... Johnny moved to a place called Red County, after he got some money to live on, couse he could not see his brother like that... Now year 1993, Johnny will be 29 the 23/04, and he dont even know if his brother (( Paulie Muncini )) is still alive... He do not know that he even has an Uncle (( Joshie Muncini )) that will be 62 this year, and now he is rich as hell. He joined The Moretti Crime Family in Montgomery, under the lead of Don Moretti (( Matt Moretti )). He lives in a shitty apartment in Montgomery. Now the 1 April, Johnny joined the Waqqa Crime Syndicate, leaded by Lex Waqqa. A war broke out between the Russians with the EVL against WCS. The war ended and EVL and WCS got allied again. Johnny moved into a house in Palomino Creek. He bought an imported Feltzer from Italy, And bought the latest Harley Davidsson from 1993. Some months later he died, noone knows how he died.

The Brother, Paulie Muncini...
The same day Johnny died, his brother arrived to Red County, he was new in town and he had moved from Vice City. Some hours later Paulie get the news about his brother being dead. He gets angry and want revenge, but he calm himself down. Paulie gets all things his brother owned. And Paulie starts a mafia called The Muncini Famiglia, to his brothers memory. Paulie gets some members to join the Famiglia, but one day he was going to a meeting, and never came out again. Later on he was found in the kitchen of the Montgomery Restaurant. No one knows who or why he got killed, and James Rockford took over the Mafia from then.

Name: Paulie Muncini
Age: 29
Born: 03/10 1963
Died: 05/06 1993
Phone: ---------
Adress: ------------
Town: --------------
Gang/Mafia: ---------------
Cars: -------------------

(( Some words in Italian and the translate: ))

(( Weekdays: ))
(( Lunedi = Monday ))
(( Martedi = Tuesday ))
(( Mercoledi = Wednesday ))
(( Giovedi = Thursday ))
(( Venerdi = Friday ))
(( Sabato = Saturday ))
(( Domenica = Sunday ))
(( Months: ))
(( Gennaio = Januari ))
(( Febbraio = February ))
(( Marzo = March ))
(( Aprile = April ))
(( Maggio = May ))
(( Giugno = June ))
(( Luglio = July ))
(( Agosto = August ))
(( Settembre = September ))
(( Ottobre = October ))
(( Novembre = November ))
(( Dicembre = December ))


Feb 13, 2010
Joe Corleone said:
(( hahaha I like that weekends and months thing... :p ))
(( I have an Godfather calender with months and shit.. There it stands in English, Italian and 2 other language xD ))