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The little known, and short lived, nation of Dillicrab.

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-- Any and all characters and locations in the following story do not represent real individuals and any similarities are purely coincidental --
** You walk into the local library and notice an old kook telling wild stories to a large group of children and adults. They seem to be quite engrossed and you decide to sit in and listen to the next one

In a rattling and raspy, though surprisingly vibrant and lively voice, and with wildly animated motions from his arms and hands, the crazy looking elder starts into another personal legend... **

Eeeeheheheh! Now gather around kiddies! I'm about to tell you of the little known and very short lived nation.... of Dillicrab!

Now, now... I see the ever so skeptical looks on all of your otherwise cheery faces, but I implore you to doubt me not! This story is entirely true, and even though you may not have heard of it, it was and still is an important mark in the history of what is now commonly referred to as "Red County".

In this story are many individuals that the lot of you would assumably label as wicked individuals. However! I would like you to put such notions out of your mind for the length of this story. Judge them not until you have the heard the whole tale!

It all started in a town named Dillimore, which is currently a part of Red County. There were two esteemed members of the police force in that town, who we will call... Bishop and Kiley. There was also a Firefighter friend of theirs named... Aston.

Now Kiley was getting just as fed up as a person could get with something. He was tired of always arresting the same people, time and time again, for the same crimes and misdemeanors. They just never learned! He was constantly complaining about the current administration of the police force. About how they were too light on repeat offenders, and how if he were boss no one would stray out of line.

One day mentioned to Bishop and Aston, while having drinks in the local pub, his allegedly hypothetical idea of taking over and forcing martial law. They had a good time contemplating what things would be like if they had taken over the town. After a couple hours of constant drinking and humored, drunken discussion, they had thoroughly convinced themselves that they could take over if only the highest administration were out of the town, even if for just a few days.

Their chance came a week later. The higher ranked officers left for a conference in New York for a week.

Now, when I tell you of this next part to the story, I want you to imagine these men as physically fit for action, and dead set on their goal.

As soon as the officers were gone for their conference, Kiley, Bishop, and Aston wasted no time in constructing barriers and road blocks all throughout the town for easily defensible positions and to regulate the traffic in and out of the town. When they finished there was only one possible safe entrance and exit to the town, which required many persons to go a long way out of their way to traverse it.

Some citizens got entirely fed up with the situation and started an assault on the three men and tried to retake the town. The men were ready for such a situation, however and had raided the police armory. Now armed to the teeth, they fought back at the citizens with cold hearted vengeance.

They carved a bloody swath of through the raging crowd with their mixing blend of shotguns and automatic assault rifles. Though they were easily better trained for combat and skilled at killing, the sheer number of citizens fighting them made it possible for one to get close enough to disarm one of the men. The man was Aston.

I am sad to say that th citizen that disarmed Aston also showed no mercy in turning his own weapon against him. Kiley and Bishop hurriedly turned and shot down the now freshly armed citizen and decided it was time to end the assault. They quickly and easily took down the remainder of the citizen mob and returned to their headquarters: the old police station.

Bishop decided it was time to recruit. They were in need of more people in case another assault came of the likes they had just seen. And being down a man put them at a severe disadvantage. Kiley decided it was also time to announce their seceding from the state. It was time to announce to the world the new country of Dillicrab.

Why, you ask, was it dubbed "Dillicrab"? Well we'll probably never know. It may have something to do with Kiley's tattoo of a crab, or it may be a thumb-on-nose name of Dillimore...

Over the next few days they spent their time looking for possible recruits, training new members to the community, shoring up their defenses, and repainting the towns vehicles and identifying markings with their new colors of a vibrant but dark blue and black. This would be the identifying colors of true "Dillimites" as they called themselves, and people approaching Dillicrab lands would not be fired upon.

Why would anyone be fired upon? Kiley had declared a martial law, and absolutely no alien visitation was permitted without hefty payment. All trespassers would be shot. Its a sad thing, but they had finally gotten the order they striven for.

There were now seven men in power, Kiley and Bishop being on the top. The next newest, but prestigious recruits were men like Rock, Steel, Brian, Lyons, Lee, and Mikey. These made up the upper hierarchy of the Dillimites.

They spent most of their time playing around on motorcycles.

They also took shifts on border patrol, with a shoot first and ask questions later policy.

They continually cleaned up after every alien invasion. It was a bloodbath every single time and required much effort to cleanse the area.

(( I have more to be added to this soon, but I've been up since 2am yesterday and I cbf to finish. I'll be modifying some of the stuff that is already here, but for the most part the previous text will be unchanged. The text followed by images will be expanded upon as well. ))


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((I noticed a Citizen with a Spas and M4, hopefully it was a cop... Anyhow this has caused a lot of bitching amoung players, as they cant get into Dillimore... The Pms are fucking nerve racking.))


(( Don't tell me this is a new gang, and you guys are quitting the PD. Nice story though. ))


(( Its do a fucking GMX every 24 hours and this wont be an issue ))


Joshy said:
(( Don't tell me this is a new gang, and you guys are quitting the PD. Nice story though. ))
((They are prolly just fucking around.))
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