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The House list

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Oct 31, 2010
The House list.
Made by: Doddsy

I know this wont be as good as Chilco but he told me that I could copy his idea, so don't go mad at me!

Red County

Name: Top Floor Flat 1
Owner: Ivik Suluk

Name: Top Floor Flat 2
Owner: Aidan Conlon

Name: Top Floor Flat 3
Owner: Rachel Fields

Name: Top Floor Flat 4
Owner: Tara Dubchinsky

Name: Top Floor Flat 5
Owner: Isak Larrson

Name: Top Floor Flat 6
Owner: Jamie Walker

Name: Top Floor Flat 7
Owner: Murphy Blackstone

Name: Top Floor Flat 22
Owner: Enrique Perez

Name: Top Floor Flat 23
Owner: Ryan White

Name: Top Floor Flat 24
Owner: Santiago Florenceio

Name: Top Floor Flat 25
Owner: Cassandra Alverez

Name: Top Floor Flat 26
Owner: Ignaco Ramirez

Name: Top Floor Flat 27
Owner: Juan Hernandez

Name: Top Floor Flat 28
Owner: Miguel Alvarez

Name Top Floor Flat 29
Owner: Oskar Mendel

Name: Top Floor Flat 30
Owner: Dennis Hoffman

Name: Top Floor Flat 31
Owner: Anthony Baker

Name: Top Floor Flat 32
Owner: Joey Carlson

Name: Top Floor Flat 33
Owner: Maquis Green

Name: Top Floor Flat 34
Owner: Arnold Campbell

Name: Top Floor Flat 35
Owner: Jason Gregg

Name: Montgomery Trailer 1
Owner: Juoa Luis

Name: Montgomery Trailer 2
Owner: Sam West

Name: Montgomery Trailer 3
Owner: Gabriel Riecher

Name: Montgomery Trailer 4
Owner: Tomy Duvall

Name: Montgomery Trailer 5
Owner: Josh Clarke

Name: Montgomery Trailer 6
Owner: Jake Danials

Name: Montgomery Trailer 7
Owner: Daniele Sarno

Name: Montgomery Trailer 8
Owner: Matthew Peterson

Name: Montgomery Trailer 9

Name: Montgomery Trailer 10
Owner: Sherman Connel

Name: Montgomery Trailer 11
Owner: Nico Lagrov

Name: Montgomery Trailer 12
Owner: Lucio Fabrini

Name: Montgomery Trailer 13
Owner: Marcel Marley

Name: Montgomery Trailer 14
Owner: Damien Trenshaw

Name: Montgomery Trailer 15
Owner: Anthony Trevisani

Name: Montgomery Trailer 16
Owner: John Alfonse

Name: Montgomery Trailer 17
Owner: Derrick Chase

Name: Montgomery Trailer 18
Owner: Oberon Otto

Name: Montgomery Trailer 19
Owner: Wayne Perez

Name: Montgomery Trailer 20
Owner: Kim Webber

Name: Montgomery Trailer 21
Owner: Kasper Lopez

Name: Montgomery Trailer 22
Owner: Mike Westfield

Name: 2 Riverside Lodge
Owner: Jasper Jones

Name: 3 Riverside Lodge
Owner: Jedediah Rhodes

Name: Hampton Barns 1
Owner: Fred Harris

Name: Hampton Barns 2
Owner: Juan Cardoza

Name: Hampton Barns 3
Owner: Corey Maison

Name: Hampton Barns 4
Owner: Jake Thomas

Name: Hampton Barns 5
Owner: Anton Fex

Name: Hampton Barns 6
Owner: Edmund Fonder

Name: Hampton Barns 7
Owner: Christian Rodriguez

Name: Hampton Barns 8
Owner: Shawn Shipley

Name: Hampton Barns 9
Owner: Tyrell Bone

Name: Hampton Barns 10
Owner: Filip Telford

Name: Hampton Barns 11
Owner: Vijay Mani

Name: Hampton Bars 12
Owner: Isamu Hirito

Name: Hampton Barns 13
Owner: Calvin Scotts

Name Hampton Barns 14 (NOTE: There are 2 14 Hampton Barns!)
Owner: James Reed and Sophia White

Name: 1 Greenhill Road
Owner: Proinsious Cassidy

Name: 2 Greenhill Road
Owner: Toby Reid

Name: 3 Greenhill Road
Owner: Jorge Remi

Name: 4 Greenhill Road
Owner: Daniel Muys

Name: 5 Greenhill Road
Owner: Victor Walker

Name: 6 Greenhill Road
Owner: Daniel Mortiz

Name: 1 Skypo Road
Owner: Skypo Feller

Name: Top Floor Flat 10
Owner: Makoto Orasaki

Name: Top Floor Flat 11
Owner: Erik Norell

Name: Top Floor Flat 12
Owner: Joe Mollinaro

Name: Top Floor Flat 13
Owner: Jason Callahan

Name: Top Floor Flat 14
Owner: Sonny Rizzi

Name: Top Floor Flat 15
Owner: Javier Morales

Name: Top Floor Flat 16
Owner: Ramiro Shakur

Name: Top Floor Flat 17

Name: 1 Hilltop Farm
Owner: Spencer Lowe

Name: 2 Hilltop Farm
Owner: Drake Damon

Name: 3 Hilltop Farm
Owner: Casey Mayer

Name: 4 Hilltop Farm
Owner: Mark Tanner

Name: 5 Hilltop Farm
Owner: Igor Olshensky

Name: 6 Hilltop Farm
Owner: Mike Johnas

Name: 7 Hilltop Farm
Owner: Henry Crawford

Name: 8 Hilltop Farm
Owner: Fredriko Sergio

Name: 1 Palomino Way
Owner: Arthur Wilkinson

Name: 2 Palomino Way
Owner: Linus Walter

Name: 3 Palomino Way
Owner: Timothy Parker

Name: 4 Palomino Way
Owner: Kent Logan

Name: 5 Palomino Way
Owner: Rob Keegan

Name: 6 Palomino Way
Owner: Tomy Carl

Name: 7 Palomino Way
Owner: Artem Malalashenko

Name: 8 Palomino Way
Owner: Alex Duer

Name: 1 Bluff Drive
Owner: Dimitri Nikov

Name: 2 Bluff Drive
Owner: Bernard Vallone

Name: 3 Bluff Drive
Owner: Perez Gomez

Name: 4 Bluff Drive
Owner: Tristan Drew

Name: 5 Bluff Drive
Owner: Jarred Hayne

Name: 6 Bluff Drive
Owner: Takeshi Oshiro

Name: 7 Bluff Drive
Owner: Major Iemen

Name: 8 Bluff Drive
Owner: Alfredo Mendez

Name: 1 Vale View
Owner: Rual Albarez

Name: 2 Vale View
Owner: Daniel Dodds

Name: 3 Vale View
Owner: Juan Albarez

Name: 4 Vale View
Owner: Dawn Cortez

Name: 5 Vale View
Owner: Brody McCullen

Name: 6 Vale View
Owner: Alfredo Vittore

Name: 7 Vale View
Owner: Erik Lane

Name: 8 Vale View
Owner: Alfredo Moretti

Name: 9 Vale View
Owner: Antonio Torres

Name: 10 Vale View
Owner: Dorinel Dodo

Name: 11 Vale View
Owner: Elizabeth Smith

Name: 12 Vale View
Owner: David Toretto

Name: 13 Vale View
Owner: Frank Klewn

Name: 1 Moyers Road
Owner: Shiela Cruz

Name: 2 Moyers Road
Owner: Eddy Anderson

Name: 3 Moyers Road
Owner: Richard Stone

Name: 4 Moyers Road
Owner: Mike Collins

Name: 5 Moyers Road
Owner: Scott Collins

Name: 6 Moyers Road
Owner: Calistto Ciaran

Name: 7 Moyers Road
Owner: Francis Hamilton

Name: 8 Moyers Road
Owner: Cody Holloway

Name: 9 Moyers Road
Owner: Jake Buckley

Name: 10 Moyers Road
Owner: Juan Lazaro

Name: 11 Moyers Road
Owner: Jeff Cane

Name: 12 Moyers Road
Owner: Terrance Black

Name: 1 Quter Road
Owner: Isaac Cosovo

Name: 2 Quter Road
Owner: Samuel McAllister

Name: 3 Qutor Road
Owner: Yamazaki Fujiwara

Name: 4 Qutor Road
Owner: Andrew Reid

Name: 5 Qutor Road
Owner: Alec Rae

Name: 6 Qutor Road
Owner: Chris Culter

Name: 7 Qutor Road
Owner: Keegan Fitzgernald

Name: 8 Qutor Road
Owner: Miyoko Raiazuki

Name: 9 Qutor Road
Owner: Jim Thomson

Name: 1 Peach Crescent
Owner: Paulie Brasco

Name: 2 Peach Crescent
Owner: Mervic Talens

Name: 3 Peach Crescent
Owner: Justin Bishop

Name: 5 Peach Crescent
Owner: Jason Knight

Name: 6 Peach Crescent
Owner: Emilio Ventura

Name: 7 Peach Crescent
Owner: Ashley Anderson

Name: 8 Peach Crescent
Owner: Robin Alterlis​

Name: 1 Jason Street
Owner: Sebastian Gabriel

Name: 2 Jason Street
Owner: Declan Mulqueen

Name: 3 Jason Street
Owner: Marcus Deuce

Name: 4 Jason Street
Owner: George Colton

Name: Industrial Park Block 1
Owner: James Little

Name: 5 Blueberry Main Street
Owner: Wenson Jordan

Name: 6 Blueberry Main Street
Owner: Jack Christopher

Name: 1 Rumbley Block
Owner: Aaron Akir

Name: 2 Rumbley Block
Owner: Karol Bowman

Name: 3 Rumbley Block
Owner: Wayne Johnson

Name: 4 Rumbley Block
Owner: Major Mazhar

Name: 5 Rumbley Block
Owner: Ron Crinston

Name: 6 Rumbley Block
Owner: Malik Wallace

Name: 7 Rumbley Block
Owner: Teegan West

Name: 8 Rumbley Block
Owner: Thomas Devino

Name: 9 Rumbley Block
Owner: Travis Bolt

Name: 10 Rumbley Block
Owner: Heff Bundy

Name: 11 Rumbley Block
Owner: Even Hetland

Name: 12 Rumbley Block
Owner: Patrick Jackson

Name: 13 Rumbley Block
Owner: Taylor Wildes

Name: 14 Rumbley Block
Owner: Patrick Quinn

Name:15 Rumbley Block
Owner: Klafjen Love

Name: 16 Rumbley Block
Owner: Jason Benivini

Name: 17 Rumbley Block
Owner: Dre Bryant

Name: 1 North Blueberry Trailer
Owner: Mikey Thompson

Name: 2 North Blueberry Trailer
Owner: Billy Jo Hoyte

Name: 3 North Blueberry Trailer
Owner: Earl Roe

Name: 4 Northern Blueberry Trailer
Owner: Liam Shan

Name: 5 North Blueberry Trailer
Owner: Enrique Martinez

Name: 6 North Blueberry Trailer
Owner: Pyro Alverez

Name: Blueberry Trailer 1
Owner: Pieter Boogman

Name: Blueberry Trailer 2
Owner: Steve Luther

Name: Blueberry Trailer 3
Owner: Alicia Falcone

Name: Blueberry Trailer 4
Owner: Sergey Petrovich

Name: Blueberry Trailer 5
Owner: Jay Gelano

Name: Blueberry Trailer 6
Owner: Richardo Gonzalez

Name: Blueberry Trailer 7
Owner: Tyson Brown

Name: Blueberry Trailer 8
Owner: Matt Owens

Name: Blueberry Trailer 9
Owner: Fernando Valentino
Sep 15, 2010
IG Name
Oscar Rockwood
This is SO MUCH more work as the business list.. anyways good luck with finishing it. ;)


Retired Admin
Oct 31, 2010
Chilco said:
This is SO MUCH more work as the business list.. anyways good luck with finishing it. ;)
I know Ive spent and hour and a half on it already!


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Jan 30, 2010
IG Name
Edmond Bazarro
You will literally BUST your ass of work, to get this finished.
It took me ages to post a couple of screenshots of the public vehicles locations and provide some basic information about them - Imagine how long you will be working on this. Good job, however.


Retired Admin
Oct 31, 2010
2Fabulous said:
You will literally BUST your ass of work, to get this finished.
It took me ages to post a couple of screenshots of the public vehicles locations and provide some basic information about them - Imagine how long you will be working on this. Good job, however.
Thank you :D I'm gonna start again soon just organizing some stuff ICly.


Sep 5, 2010
IG Name
Daniel Muys
IG Faction
Elite Trucking Corporation
W0000000000000t respect xD


Retired Admin
Oct 31, 2010
I'm going to try and do Palomino Creek Blueberry and Dillimore tonight. And make a start on Richman.


Retired Admin
Oct 31, 2010
I have finished Montgomery off, added Dillimore and Hampton Barns. I will try and complete Palomino Creek and Blueberry tomorrow although it will be a long job!


Silver Member
Aug 10, 2010
IG Name
Ethan Kelley
Nice work! This is even harder than the business list to be honest. When you want to check a houseowner you have to run up to the house and check it, that's a bitch.
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