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The Green Leaves ((Under new managment.))

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Feb 15, 2010
From Hashbury to Red County:

There was a 30 Year old man living in Hashbury San Fierro the place where Hippies come together and live in peace.
The man was called : Niels Stumpf but only his mom and his best friends knew that, as a young kid this man used to catch fireflies to have light when its dark thats why they call him ''The FireFly''.
He and his mom were living in a small hippie camper, His dad died during a protest at the SFPD he got beated up by some S.W.A.T members.
Years passed...
''The FireFly'' is 53 years old now, his mom died when he was 19 and a half , She had unhealable cancer.
Cops were asking in the city for ''The FireFly'' because he was known as a good drugdealer, He bought his pot from a Hippie called : ''The Miracle''.
He sold lots of weed and made enough cash to move out and get his own weed farm.
After a month things started to get dangerous, ''The FireFly'' Heard that a cop knew where he was living so he had no choisse...
He had to move out.
His uncle Joe Stumpf was getting too old to work on his farm so he sold it for 2000 dollars to ''FireFly''.
He arrived in the camper his mom used to drive in, and started to stash his pot in the house.
It took a month to change it into a big weed farm but he had succes.
Every week ''TheFireFly'' made a ride with his camper full of sacks with weed.
He met alot of hippies who wanted pot , and he started to make friends.
He became very popular for the Hippies and he started to have parties on his farm.
Then one hippie came to make a offer..
Thehippie: '' I will help you farm your weed for free.''
The FireFly couldn't refuse this offer.
Lots of hippies started to work for The FireFly a well known hippie drugdeal organisation was born : The Green Leaves.


1. Flowerseed - New in the gang and learning to farm, not a real Green Leaf hippie yet.
2. Dude - Their work is to plant weed, they're almost a Green Leaf Hippie.
3. Hippie. - a hippie, task is to farm the weed, they cannot sell it yet. , this is the rank where you get a nickname.
4. GreenLeaver - This hippies can sell weed but are leaded by higher ranks while doing it.
5. GreenFlower - This rank leads the GreenLeavers when they're selling weed.
6. GreenCommander - When the leader isn't around this rank helps the hippies out.
7. FireFly - leader Rank


FireFly : Skye Primrose "The Butterfly"
GreenCommander :
GreenFlower :
GreenLeaver :
Hippie :
Dude : Jacob Underpants.
Flowerseed : Jackey Samson
Eddy Stumpf

Give me PM on forum like this :

Name:... ( Real name )
Level: ... (level 5+ required from now on)
Minutes played :
What faction you been in ? :

Yo dude , peace whats your name ? :
Well thats a cool name dude i will make a nice nickname for you.
*passes him a rolled joint*
Here you have somthing to think better.
*throws him a lighter*
Good man , how old are you ? :
Okay , and where you live ? :
Cool place.
You ever been into the [LOW] drugs thing [normal again] don't lie dude , thats not cool so tell the truth okay?:
So why you want to be into the GreenLeaves ? and do you think you worth it yourself ? :
Good good.
*you throw the joint away*
Well i will think about this *smiles*
Peace Dude.

We work together with : The Dillimore Bastards.


Everyone is free to choose his own skin from the begin.

Respected though gone hippies:
Neils "The Firefly" Stumpf

((This topic was made because Neils has given me leadership. No, I did not copy I am taking over for him.))
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