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The County Chronicle (#116) - Summer Rains

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Dec 4, 2010


Summer Rains
But seriously, what are rains doing in summer?

RED COUNTY -- Summer is the time when people go to the beach to cool themselves up while the sun is shining bright up in the sky. School is out as well, so there would be more teenagers hanging at the bar to celebrate their completion of a year.

But for San Andreas, summer is just not worth it. For the past few weeks, the San Andreas Weather Central has been forecasting dull weather, such as clouds, rains, and thunderstorms, and their forecast updates every six hours or less! With pollution scattering all over the world, it's no doubt climate change is the cause of bipolar weather in San Andreas. The weather does stress the people because of their planned outdoor activity that get cancelled because of the rain. People have been ill with coughs and colds because of the hot-to-cold environment and vice versa.

The good part about the current season is -- despite the unpredictable weather, the people in San Andreas still manages to enjoy their life. There would be ceremonies, events, and parties every week, day or night. Some citizens have moved to another state, but tourism is still not an issue for the San Andreas Government. Remember to enjoy what life has to offer!

~ DJ Y.K.

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