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Jan 6, 2010
Rotterdam, Netherlands
This is the: Thank you Alec for making this great server and scripting all this shit in your spare time! We really appreciate it!
For the times youre feeling down or feeling like quitting he can always check this topic out and see how much people love what your doing.

You can thank Alec in this topic.


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Jan 9, 2010
Alec man. Im glad i connected to this server. Im glad i could help you with testing anything you have made. Im glad i met you and Im glad that i am an RCRP player. THANK YOU ALEC :D


Dear Alec,

I will always remember your willingness to help me during my time of need, when that nasty bug fucked up my JJ's restaurant Business. It takes a very special person to leave his important work on short notice and come to the aid of a a simple player in a server of 60 . Your example is a wonderful lesson to us all.

My compliments on the way you conduct this server every morning. I was surprised by the number of people who opposed themselves to the server's rules by hacking, deathmatching, etc. but you handled those problems remarkably well (/ban =D), with also a little help from your admin team. You have an enviable ability to stay cool in all situations. I once saw you blow off your cool, but it is a very understandable situation, If I were you, I don't know if I could of kept my pants on and continue the hard work.

When Itami, Ian, Mick decided to found RC-RP, many players already loved you, your coding and your awesome personality. I admire your willingness, energy, and organizational abilities, you are truly a good guy. Everyone in the server joins with me in thanking you for what you did and are presently doing.

Even though I asked many times to join the Development server, and didn't get a chance to get in and help you test, it is a pleasure to play in your server and, again, please accept my sincere thanks.

You truly are the king.

Michael Corner,
RCSD Sergeant,
a loyal RC-RP Fan.


Jan 15, 2010
Brazil :D *We Help Haiti =)*
I'm thankful that I opened the samp, clicked the Internet tab, Writed RolePlay on the "Mode:" tab and one server caught my attention. I saw one server named Red County Roleplay... I said to me:
-Country? Looks cool !
Then i pressed the button |>|Connect|<| and joined the server. Writed one pass and choosed my spawn, I ran into all over Montgomery and I saw the name of the business are the same as the billboards. Then i loved the server and resolved DONATE(In 5 days of server :p)

I donated £3.94 and I have gained lvl 1 donator and $394.000 from Alec :D
I bought a Elegy from Dan_Smith for $170.000 then I spend all of my money and I ran out of money...
I said to me:
-Shit, I gonna donate again because i need CASH.
I have donated more £1.94 and I have gained lvl 2 donator and $200.000 from Alec again :D
Then i traded my Elegy to Trey_Stewart's Jester. I bought a Quad Bike from the second boss of the gang, Javier_Garcia.

I had many cool moments on the server. I will post them for ya later because ImageShack KABOOOOM !


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Jan 6, 2010
West Flanders
I decided to be creative and wrote one of my personal masterpieces:

A superfly dude.
Loves Red County.
Editor of all the great scripting on RCRP.
Castrates all the hackers and noobs.

We <3 you


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Jan 6, 2010
Alec is the best admin/coder ever.
'nuff said!
Thank you Alec for giving us endless hours of fun!
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