[Tester] Application/Reinstatement Information [CLOSED]

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Jun 21, 2011
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[legend=#0080BF Important Information ]whiteThis topic will give you all of the information you need about applying and reinstating as a Tester for RCRP. The role of a Tester can be found in this topic if you're unsure of what it entails. Applications and Reinstatements are currently treated as the same, so if you were recently a Tester you must still use the same format as new candidates. This is due to the role changing significantly and thus old Reinstatees' applications becoming void. However, Reinstatees may still be placed at an advantage if they can comment on their time in the Tester team and utilise this experience as an advantageous trait.

I have changed the process of becoming a Tester to make it more fair for all candidates. This is the process:
  • Application submitted.
  • Application discussed by Testers and Administrators.
  • Head of Testers shortlists candidates onto a poll, those who are unsuccessful will receive a denial message and justification why.
  • Those candidates shortlisted will be voted on by Testers and Administrators.
  • People who are successful will be selected as a Tester on a Probationary Period of 2 weeks.

    Key Information
    • Applications are currently
    • CLOSED.
    • I am looking to hire 5 Testers in this cycle, depending on level of demand and quality of applications.
    • The application and reinstatement format has changed slightly, so previous applications will be accepted again but they'll need to be edited around the new format. Any previous applications submitted without amendments will not be considered and will classed as null.[/legend]

      [legend=#0080BF Tester Recruitment and Reinstatements ]whiteIn order to apply and become part of the tester team, you will have to qualify for the following requirements:

      • If you were recently unbanned from a permanent ban, you must wait for at least three months before applying.
      • Your master account must have an overall total time played of at least 25,000 minutes. This information can be found on the user control panel - "Total total time played" under Master Account Details.
      • You must have not received any severe punishment (admin jail or temp/date/perm ban) on your in-game and/or forum record for the past 30 days, regardless if it was justified or not, unless it was revoked by the punishing administrator.
      • You must have at least 50 posts on the forum.
      • You must have the ability to read, write, and understand the English language fluently.
      • You must maintain a good reputation on the community. If you are known to be someone who always flame or harass players, do not expect to be accepted.
      • You must be a team worker.
      • You must make sure that you will be dedicated on the tester team.
      • We require extreme activity on the forums and in-game testing when we require it. If you're somebody who goes inactive frequency and/or is unreliable, you will not be selected for this position as we require utmost loyalty and commitment.

      You will have to work your way up through the recruitment process by putting your best effort on the application, Teamspeak interview, and the last step which is the scenario portion, where you will be required to complete a certain task.

      • Your application must be sent to "Jboi" as a forum PM. Do not post your application on this thread or send your application to another administrator as they will be ignored.
      • The application must be complete when you send them. Please make sure that everything is filled out before submitting your application.
      • Please remember to add emphasis to questions which require it.

If you have any questions about the tester team and its recruitment process, please send me a forum PM.

I'd like to offer the best of luck to all applicants.

Thanks for reading,

Head of Testers.



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Mar 31, 2013
Re: [Tester] Application/Reinstatement Information [OPEN]

Bumping this - they'll close later this week.
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