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TeamSpeak Rules [Last Updated: 27th January 2018]

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Teamspeak Rules

Red County Roleplay provides a Teamspeak server for all players, which can be found here.
As such, we ask that you follow the rules which are shown below.

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Rule 1
English only

You may only speak English unless you are sending private pokes or messages, or you are in a private channel.

English is the only language the administrators are able to fully understand and moderate, and talking in a different gives them the impression that you're either insulting someone or discussing something related to rulebreaking.

PunishmentIf you are found to be speaking a different language where you're not allowed to do it, you will be kicked.

Rule 2
No inappropriate content of any kind

You are not permitted to send links to pornographic or inappropriate content in public channel teamspeak chatboxes.

We have many players that are under 18, and even though most of them won't mind you posting the links, you still have to remember that someone might feel disturbed by it, or simply get in trouble by clicking the link with their parents watching.

PunishmentIf you post any links deemed to be inappropriate, you will be kicked or banned from the server.

Rule 3
Respect all users

You should respect all Teamspeak users at all times.

We aim to keep the community a nice place and in order for us to do so some basic rules need to be put into place.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Disrespecting members of the community.
  • Disrespecting administrators.
  • Communicating with others with the sole intention of insulting them/upsetting them.
  • Participating in an argument with the sole intention of insulting those involved.
  • Provoking other community members/administrators.
  • Changing your name to something immoral to potentially annoy/insult other users.

PunishmentFailure to do so may result in a temporary ban or a permanent ban.

Rule 4

Do not spam chatboxes, pokes and actions (such as switching channel) in Teamspeak.

Most of Teamspeak actions generate sertain sounds and might be very annoying to some users. Besides, players with worse connection have the possibility to lag out because of you spamming actions.

PunishmentAnti spam systems are in place and you will be temporarily banned automatically. You might also be punished manually by an administrator.

Rule 5
Private channels

If you are in a private channel, read the rules stated in the description and follow them.

Owners of these channels paid money for them and should not have people breaking the rules they have laid out. Also, don't enter channels that you are not allowed to or not wanted in to avoid causing unnecessary drama.

PunishmentThe channel owner has the right to kick you from their channel or even ban you for up to 100 seconds.

Rule 6
Ban evading

Do not ban evade on Teamspeak.

We have copies of each unique ID that connects and can immediately find out those who are evading Teamspeak bans.

PunishmentBan evading will have both unique IDs, plus your IP banned permanently.

Rule 7
All other rules apply on Teamspeak

All in game, forum and Teamspeak rules apply on any Teamspeak associated with RC:RP.

Just because a certain rule isn't in the Teamspeak rules, if it is in any of Red County Roleplay's rule sections then it applies on Teamspeak too.

PunishmentBreaching this rule can result in any punishment ranging from a warning to a permanent ban depending on the severity of the offense and the rule breached.
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