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I dont know any bad points of this but my character is planning to get more than 3 businesses buy buying them from people, he wants to RP owning all the businesses in Blueberry and to do that he would have to ACTUALLY own them all. I don't know how this can be a bad idea IF V1 comes out first because there will be plenty of businesses to go around and my char just wants all of BB lol

Call me selfish if you will, but i will have to work hard to get the money ofc to get all the businesses and PAY people to sell theyres

(( EDIT from AFTER Jacob's post ))

Also businesses need like a /bizzban command to Ban people from the bizz if the constantly are coming in and DMing and bring bad appeal to people who are customers
Jan 8, 2010
I do think we need to be allowed to buy more bussinesses but I dont think it really one of the most important things atm.
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