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I'm going to do a simple example on how it could work and I'd encourage some input to help us discuss it into something that could work out well.

Let's say I invest into the county's cultural and educational properties such as the library, I could, with a permit using the grants/permits system, buy a percentage of this property. We should have a max allowance regarding the stocks so none hogs it all, say maybe 10 percent per stockholder?

Some math to it all:

Let's say we have five shareholders currently in possession of the library, holding say 25 percent of it's income in total, split among the five persons.
If all those shareholders were low levels, they'd have equal shares.
(1 share per person)

Now, let's say one of those shareholders levels, another shareholder sold his share.
The "higher level" would make less on his only share, thus not giving you a benefit over the others if you're a high level.
You could either buy more shares or sell your current one and invest in another property.

Here's a simple ratio system for it.
(These ratios could differ from properties, making sure not one player controls the whole market and actually giving a small penalty for trying to crash it by doing so, i.e. you'd gain more selling the shares than holding on to them at one point.
In the end, you could sell your shares and instead by the property, using the permits.)

Selling while you're level:
1-3: 1.5 payout. (Max 12 shares)
4-6: 1.4 payout. (Max 10 shares)
7-9: 1.3 payout. (Max 8 shares)
10: 1.2 payout. (Max 6 shares)
11: 1.1 payout. (Max 4 shares)
12: 1.0 payout. (max 2 shares) (This is when you don't want to hold shares in the property anymore)

Payouts would only be available if:
You've signed atleast five paychecks since you last bought a share in this property, or,
earned a set amount from the shares already. Imagine the latter one as a penalty for buying shares with the intent to just sell it asap.

The payouts could also be affected by how long you've hold your shares, the use of the property as well as the amount the other stockholders are in hold of.

When selling your shares, you could choose between either:
Sell it back to the other stockholders, let's say contracts. (Some limit might apply here)
Sell it back to the property, as shares. (Freeing up the shares for the others)

Ways to abuse and how to prevent it.
People could simply stop to buy levels, stashing respect points to simply not lose by selling their shares.

Solution: You will only benefit from a certain amount of paychecks per level. (Another fancy math solution might apply here).
Solution2: At higher levels, you can increase the price under your "contract".

Solution to most problems that might occur could be, adding a skill for stockmarket and shares, which would be required for certain things.

(I realize this is ALOT of work to be put into this, but it could be a really great addition.
Also, this post will most likely get updated alot, so nothing that is currently in the post are to be taken as if it was a system in place already. It can be improved and altered.)
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